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Business Visit Essay

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UTi union transport international is a company that solidly deals with the transportation or rather delivering of goods to companies and households; they deliver almost everything but mostly electrical appliances. It is impossible to run this sort of business without the use of the current technologies of computing (gadgets). This company has been in existence for 30 years and has been a success ever since. It was discovered by two English men who were friends and had passion for this business, it was found in South Africa and has spread world wide

This company has 15 branches in Johannesburg alone which operate successfully this company is almost impossible without computers ...view middle of the document...

The network is drawn from the server which has a link to the other computers once you log in to it. Wi-fi Telkom line.


Main office with server office three Meccer desktop 2

Meccer laptop 1
office two Meccer desktop 1 office four Meccer desktop 3
3 Meccer laptop


Desktop specifications:

27’’ LED
Resolution(1920 x 1080)
Audio out
Magic rotation 1. THEY ARE FASTER


Tab specifications:
 1.6GHz intel clovertrail processor
 6.80m battery
 1.3MP back camera  Always on the move
 Travel a lot
 You don’t need to be in the office to work
 Convenient to use around the building

Speaker specification:
 Bluetooth connectivity simple
 1x digital optical imput
 Surround sound They don’t have to hold up a phone to speak to customers
Sound surround, so they can walk around the office while talking to customers

Cell headset specifications
Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
10w sound
Music playback and cut  Lots of moving around the building
 Very light weight
 You don’t have to be in the office to talk to customers

The server

The server being used is the black vector it is in the serer room and employees have full permission of accessing it.

The server capabilities:

 The black vector storage server gives network and a large amount of storage
 Secures all the data in it well using powerful hardware
 Host connectivity is 1GB Iscsi
 V3700 includes flash copy
 Non-disruptive migration from existing FC storage
 Supports up to 35 PC’s and has full...

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