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Business Web Hosting Design And Determination

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Selection FactorsOne of the most important decisions you'll make for your business web site is selecting which Web hosting service will display your Web pages to the Internet. With your requirements in mind, we did extensive research and compiled a short list of providers We did detail analysis of these vendors to determine the host which will be cost effective, offer maximum uptime, enough bandwidth support, appropriate web-space, and excellent customer service and support. Following sections will detail the characteristics we looked for in each provider and how our recommended providers faired in each category.Uptime and ReliabilityAnything less than 98% uptime would be unacceptable for most small business web sites. This is because search engines may be indexing your site at any moment of time and if your site were down it would lose its chance to be indexed on that particular search engine and hence lose probable business. Also, existing customers who would be visiting your site and are unable to load your web page may develop a negative impression about you that could harm business reputation. IX Web Hosting and Ace Net Inc has more than 99% uptime guarantee or account is credited for downtime. Both companies also offer Complete Network redundancy.Size of PipelineThe host computer is connected to the Internet backbone typically by T1, T3 or fiber-optic lines. A T1 can carry up to 1.5 mbs (megabits per second), while a T3 can carry 45 mbs. IX Web Hosting currently employs two redundant fiber-optic loops to connect their data center. The fiber-optic connectivity is provided by Bell South and their bandwidth is redundantly served by Qwest Communications. They are currently busy upgrading their connectivity for future expansion. Ace Net Inc uses T3 lines to connect to the internet. We believe that IX Web Hosting with its fiber optic network and redundancy has an advantage over its competitors, and could meet your demands in years to come.SpaceProviders usually assign a certain amount of space on their computer. 500 MB is probably enough of space for the Web pages and graphics for most small business Web sites. Since your business have a 2 GB space requirement (as specified in our last meeting), we looked into providers who offer this space for the minimum amount of money. Please refer appendix 1 for details. Although both IX Web hosting and Ace Net Inc meets this requirement, IX Web hosting offers a better price point.BandwidthBandwidth is the amount of data that can be sent from one computer to another through a particular connection in a certain amount of time. In this case, the data is being transferred from the web hosting company's server to your website's visitors so they...

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