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Business Web Site Evaluation: Circuit City

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The company web site that I decided to evaluate is Circuit City. Circuit City is a retail store that offers a wide selection of brand-name consumer electronics, personal computers, software, movies, music, and games. It is a major competitor in the electronics market with its brick and mortar stores and uses the website to continue to push online sales. Circuit City's Web site,, provides potential customers with extensive product information, direct shipment of purchases, real-time inventory status of products in stores, and the ability to order online and pick up at a store.In today's market, it is so important that companies make their presence on the web. Not only has Circuit City used its web site to grow and expand its traditional physical presence, but it has also used the internet to reach more customers and increase its sales. The first step in a evaluating this web site was to understand its strengths and weaknesses and to define areas for improvement. In order to do this, I focused on Circuit City's e-business strategy, the site's navigation and usability, credibility, promotion, and advertising.E-Business StrategyCircuit City's e-business strategy is simple. Provide customers with information, products, and technology solutions, while at the same time, make the customer feel as comfortable shopping online as they would feel shopping in a retail location. By integrating its web presence to its brick-and-mortar business, Circuit City found a way to add true value to the online shopping experience and continue to give their business a competitive advantage in the consumer electronics market.In order to maintain its competitive advantage however, Circuit City must be able to anticipate and direct changes in the electronics market. A solid e-business strategy can offset strong competition from online competitors such as Best Buy.Today's consumer has high expectations for quality, convenience, selection, and customer service. The ability to proactively fulfill these expectations will ensure that Circuit City can deliver profit margins by continuous growth in its consumer base.Navigation and UsabilityA web site is nothing if it is not creating value for the customer. It needs to excite prospective buyers, motive them to stay at the web site, and entice them to return to the website. Circuit City provides a clean, uncluttered web site with less advertising that ultimately enhances the pages download time, while providing customers with a fast, efficient, and user friendly online shopping experience.You can find this web site by typing in the URL,, or by typing in the key words circuit city, and/or electronics. The site is easy to maneuver around and is clear and consistent on each additional page.The homepage features many navigation options with a consistent color scheme of red, white, and blue throughout the site. Both horizontal and vertical navigation sections stay with you as you browse and click...

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