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     The first company that comes to mind when we talk about VOIP is Vonage. Like phone companies, Vonage offers phone service. However, Vonage performs this service over your existing internet connection. They will give you any number from any state you wish and even give you fake numbers called virtual phone numbers for an extra five dollars a month. They offer all the same features as a regular phone service with some extras such as auto forwarding when your connection goes down. Vonage also offers a real nice voicemail system where you can setup voicemail to be sent to your email account or have your cell phone alerted when someone calls you and leaves a message. The one thing that does not happen is the 911 service. Vonage routes your call to the Public Service Answering Point (PSAP), which provides emergency services in your area. The appropriate PSAP is determined by the physical address you supplied when you configured 911 on your web account. Therefore, if Vonage does not have the correct address, your call cannot be routed to the corresponding PSAP for your area. Another difference between Vonage 911 Dialing service and traditional 911 service is that the Vonage call will be routed to the PSAP's general access line, which is different from the 911 Emergency Response Center. You will need to state the nature of your emergency promptly and clearly, including your location and telephone number, as PSAP personnel will not have this information at hand. PSAP personnel can help you effectively and will take necessary steps to provide you with the appropriate assistance, such as dispatching police, an ambulance and/or a fire truck.
     A second company involved in this area is Avaya. Avaya, unlike Vonage, is a telecommunications company. They do not offer you the service from there company but rather offer you the equipment to provide the service to others or yourself. Their first major attempt at this is using a current product called IP Office. The IP Office solution is made for the small business environment in which you can layout just a couple pf phones and some Avaya switches that all communicate using VOIP on Ethernet cables. The new digital phones that come with the system use an LCD type display which can log calls and change pages at the push of a button. Phones can be logged in or out at random locations...

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