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Businesss Study Recommendations For Network Upgrade

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Businesss Study Recommendations for Network Upgrade


Mr. D the Chief Information Officer of M Computing has put the brilliant Information Technology department in charge of setting up a computer network for the company. The I.T. department must research the different options to come up with the most efficient decision for the network. The team must keep each system within the budget of $2700 and $3400 per user platform. Some of the problems the team may run into are listed below.

· Different departments will require different systems.
· The number of each different kind of system to purchase.
· Buy the individual computer components and assemble the machines or buy packaged computers from a company
· What type of software applications will be needed and should they purchase licenses.

The I.T. team must research the prices of parts and packages from different companies and also look into licensing agreements. When the final decisions have been made a proposal is to be submitted to Mr. D.

Executive Summary

First the I.T. department must decide what type of system will best fit the different users. Then the number of users must be taken into consideration to figure out which users will get desktop platforms or laptops. Also the proper amount of research must be done to make an informed decision whether to build or buy each platform. Every corner cut in research will result in unnecessary spending for the company. When purchasing the platforms the hardware team must remember to leave enough money to purchase software for each system so that the budget is met. Each type of system should comply with the minimum requirements listed below.

Hardware Requirements - Minimum Requirements
· Processor: Intel 600 MHz Pentium III Processor
· Memory: 123 MB SDRAM
· Monitor: 17" or 19" color monitor (15.9" viewable area)
· Graphics Accelerator: 2 AGP 8 MG SGRAM Video Memory
· Hard Drive: 10 GB IDE hard drive
· Floppy Drive: 3.5" 1.44 MB diskette drive
· CD-ROM: 13X min. CD-ROM drive
· Multimedia Package: Wavetable sound card and MicroMedia Speakers
· Network Card: 3COM ISA Ethernet Combo or equivalent
· IOMEGA Drive: IOMEGA Internal ZIP drive
· APC uninterrupted power supply: APC UPS backup 650 or equivalent

The teams must also research software applications and decide which systems will need different software. The teams need to look into licensing and implementing services. If the team chooses to buy the package rather than build, they need to consider which applications will come with the package. Below is the application software required for each system.

Application Software
· Operating System/Windows 2000 Professional
· Microsoft Office 2000, Premium Edition
· Visual Studio
· Netscape 4.61
· Internet Explorer 5.0


1. To begin the process of setting up network we shall do individual research to acquire a wide variety of information.
2. After...

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