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Bussiness Trade: International Law Law Essay

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The human being usually lives in constant communication with other individuals in a society, because with the passage of time, the evolution of the world and of technology, communication and relations with other countries of the world have now been given. Although it is evident to mention that, in the same way, individuals have been involved in a constant conflict of laws or jurisdiction, because although it is the case if there is no conflict of law, it is not possible to apply certain legislation in where a legal act was carried out.
The importance of Private International Law is significant because it is the Branch of Law that in some way will regulate international relations between individuals of different legislations, in turn, this will have as its sole purpose to identify which legislation will be competent. to solve a certain conflict. International Law is within a formal right and therefore that it is not only public, much less private.
It is easy to understand that Private International Law deals with a sector determined of legal life; concretely of those situations or relations that for the people that in the same ones intervene, by the object on which they turn or the way in which they take place, they do not exhaust their consequences in a single juridical sphere. If human relations stopped when they reached the borders, if there were no displacement of people to other countries, or private property over things in foreign territory, or marriages between foreigners; if contracts were never entered into in which the nationality of the stipulants, the situation of the thing, the place of execution or the place of execution are disparate; if there were no successions whose cause, whose heirs and whose assets depend on different States, there would be no cases and problems of Private International Law.
It is necessary to clarify that Private International Law is the branch of law that deals with the study of the so-called right of peoples or law that regulates the legal status of people in the international arena. The object of study of Private International Law are the internal rules of the states in civil matters, international treaties, agreements and agreements between nations, as well as the role played by international organizations in matters of regulation of the rights of individuals. It is an autonomous branch of law, one of its objects is to determine the applicable law applicable when a conflict of laws takes place, this conflict being solved through the application of its rules. This means that there is a plurality of legal systems in the world, it is the reality that the planet is not governed by a single legal system, but that each country has a legal system.
International Law is the set of legal norms that regulate relations between States, establishes the rights and requirements of States in the international community; determine the competences of each State and regulation of international...

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