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But I'm A Christian Essay

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It seems that in today’s society it is acceptable to be a liar and a Christian, its acceptable to be an adulteress or a thief and still be a Christian, for all have sinned and struggle with sin. But is it acceptable to be a homosexual and a Christian? In the past decade homosexuality has drawn an extreme amount of controversy. The movie But I’m a Cheerleader leaves no clear cut answer to this question, but it covers many issues that deal with homosexuality and Christianity. There is a large amount of symbolic interaction in the movie. Much of it is straight forward, and other parts are hinting feelings; such as how Megan views the world, and how the rest of the world views her.We can tell from the beginning of the movie that Megan has grown up in a Christian home. From the family praying before a meal to the cross hanging in their house; when Megan walks in to be confronted about being a homosexual, it is evident that this family was built on a Christian foundation. Megan’s family, who are easily the agent of socialization (Henslin) in her life are seen as supportive, but in a somewhat pushy way. When Megan's father prays for the meal he asks God to help direct them to play the roles laid out in front of them, which is in reality a sneaky way to make Megan feel she should follow the Christian perspective.Megan is used to following the Christian perspective, especially since she is not aware that she is gay when she came to the camp. The producers of the movie try to get a major point across that Megan is reflecting Christianity when she wears her cross necklace everywhere, especially in the last scene when she comes out as a cheerleader and tries to win Grahams heart. Megan is perceived as being one of the most innocent girls out there; from thinking “inappropriateness in the bedroom” must have been swearing, to not drinking when they go to the bar. Megan even comes out and says the reason she hasn’t had sex is because she is a Christian. Those watching the film are supposed to see and understand that this “Christ loving girl” could not possibly be gay down in her heart. Megan even sees herself as a righteous person who could do no wrong when she says, “I get good grades, I go to church, I'm a cheerleader!” The producers in this film, as well as many homosexuals today see Christianity as ones master status. Likewise being a homosexual is also a master status, or how someone is likely to see you over all other traits you possess (Henslin). The big controversy comes when these two statuses collide because they contradict one another; it is culture war (Henslin) at its best.Christians seem to have their “culture blinders” (Henslin) on because their values point them in one direction and they see nothing else. They cannot see past the life style homosexuals are committing, and they end up hating the person more than the sin. This idea can be very hurtful to the homosexual community because...

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