But I Love My Grand Theft Auto: Unfairness Of Ruling On Rockstar Games And Other Violent Games

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It has seemed for a while that whenever video game censorship comes up as a debate topic, that games like the ever so popular Grand Theft Auto series and games like Manhunt, both created by Rockstar Games Inc. have come up and have been slandered mercilessly by critics because of their violent and crude nature. Creating Video Games takes immense time and effort, some games even take years to create and edit and work out all the glitches. To have some one go back and force you to change things and particular details to please a category of people who don't even play video games right after you just suited them to your liking could be extremely frustrating and maddening. Not to mention all the people who love and enjoy the games just as they are. I believe that Video Game censorship should cease to exist in all forms and is biased by the 1st amendment, freedom of speech or in this case expression.In the middle of October in 2001, Rockstar launched its first mainstream title "Grand Theft Auto 3". Skeptics said that it was a creative game, but that it was a bit raw and a bit inappropriate for youngsters in general. Within about the next couple of months, the media was buzzing with all of the "violence" that was evident in the game. It made it into NBC, MSNBC, Dateline, and other countless TV stations that all agreed that Grand Theft Auto and all games like it were downright malevolent and served no purpose being on the shelves in video game stores, not to mention in the homes or more particularly in the rooms of little kids where they apparently spend countless hours playing. Other games mimicking Grand Theft Auto are have since then been created now and are now evident in game stores and have nowhere near the amount of success that all of the GTA's have had, but that's not the point. Such remakes have been created in the midst of the GTA crisis such as "the Getaway" and "LA Streets", and have been mistaken as other versions or affiliations of GTA in general, such games have added or threw in more sex, violence, drugs, and drug references. The Grand theft Auto series received the most flack simply because of its notoriety from its fans first of all and is the original of games of this caliber and was therefore slandered the most. Other games such as "Manhunt", another creation by Rockstar (creators of GTA), got a lot of its notoriety because the main idea of the game is to basically hunt down human-like zombies and kill them (kill or be killed type of game). The more popular way to exterminate the other opponent (zombies) in that particular game is to silently and stealthily sneak up behind the unexpected and then to rapidly get the zombie in a headlock with the right arm and then to slice the neck with your left hand in one rhythmic maneuver. This move more or less knocks the victim out, letting them fall to their knees, and eventually onto the floor as their neck bleeds profusely. To most parents the most natural reaction was to be shocked and...

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