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Butchart Garden In Victoria, Canada: A Place To Fall In Love With Nature

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Everywhere we look, we are encircled by nature and its wonders. Nature comes in many different ways. It depends on us how we view nature. Everyone has their own opinion and reaction to nature. When we hear nature the first thing that comes to our mind is trees, flowers, mountains, waterfalls and many others. Flowers have their own significance which lightens up life. We all admire flowers and love their natural scent and colors. They make any occasion colorful. I went to Butchart Garden in Victoria, Canada and this is where I fell in love with nature.
As you walk right into the entrance you are suddenly transported to a world of paradise. The view is breathtaking as you walk through a path of flowers. Every flower you can imagine is in the garden. As I started walking I couldn't take my eyes of the different color of roses. Roses and lilies are my favorite flowers and they have their own fragrance to them. Every flower had their own features. The colorful patterns, the light colors, the dark colors each individual characteristic, enhanced the flower. I saw tulips, daffodils, lilies and many endless flowers. The lilies were color and bright, they looked magical in the shining sun. People were admiring the flowers and their color.
As children walked past us, they were being mischief and trying to jump up and down. It was funny to watch, as the little children tried to pluck flowers. It was disturbing at the same time, because they were disrupting the nature. It was very crowded, as it is one of the top tourist attractions in Victoria.
The sight is wonder for the eyes, as you cross each little section of flowers. As we continued through, you can see the hard work put into the garden. Each detail and sections are taken with delicate and serious care. As different seasons come, the garden gets its own different personality. In spring, flowers come alive and they are at their highest peak of freshness. In summer, the colors are vivid have summer scent. I went in May, so there was a mix of two seasons. When I heard we were taking the trip, it really sounded boring. At that time I was not interested in flowers or gardens. But when I went, my thoughts changed and I couldn't take my eyes off the place.
Each flower shows care and affection as you look at them. Everything seems fresh and absorbent. The trees were a wonder in their own self. Some of the memorable places were, Japanese Garden, Italian Garden, Mediterranean Garden, Ross Fountain, Dahlia Walk and much more. There is Japanese Garden, which has its own attraction. As you walk on the bride in the Japanese Garden, you can see lily pads and lotus flowers; resting on calm water. There is Italian Garden, which is surrounded with colorful tulips.
Another section was Ross Fountain. It was very cool breeze, which was a little nice from the heat of the sun. Ross Fountain is surrounded by red flowers and tall trees. You can see the fountains go in every direction. When you go a little...

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