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Buyer Behaviour Mobile Phone The Latest Technology

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Mobile phonesthe Latest TechnologyBuyer BehaviourMobile phones the Latest TechnologyAccording to (History of mobile phone, 2008) a mobile phone is a portable electronic device used for mobile communication. Today it is very difficult for people to live without mobile phones. Mobile phones can offer some incredible benefits. However they also present certain challengers.History of mobile phonesMobile phone was introduced by bell Labs engineers at AT & T in 1947. There are several generations in mobile phone history.In 1973 Motorola manager Martin Cooper stunned every one by using the 1st practical mobile phone. It could be used from anywhere. But it was quiet heavy. Mobile phone requires cellular net work for conducting calls. In 1979 NIT from Japan launched the worlds 1st commercial cellular net work.According to (Articlesbase, 2009) by the end of the 1980's mobile phones work very popular in Europe and north America. This was the period for the 1st generation mobile phones. The first, 1st generation mobile phone was the Motorola Dyna TAC 8000X.Then in 1990's the size of the mobile phones became slimmer. At this time mobile phones turned analogue to digital. This was the period for the 2nd generation mobile phones.Finally today 3G mobile phones include cameras, multimedia, mp3, Wi-Fi, etc.Sensory stimulies associated with mobile phones.Sensory stimulies associated with mobile phones are,coloursoundTouch.Colures have ability to evoke strong emotional reactions. Today we can see mobile phones in different colures. Colours system in mobile phones is extremely developed today.Then sound has a strong influence upon consumer's moods and behaviour. Today mobile phones have very attractive sound systems.Touch is also a important stimuli. Smoothness in mobile phones is a very attractive element.New features in mobile phonesToday there are so many new features in mobile phones. Some of them are 3.5G technology, Wi-Fi, GPS, mobile TV, touch screen, Bluetooth, video recording, camera, etc. 3.5G is faster than 3G. This is very useful for data communication. Wi-Fi is about wireless internet. GPS means global positioning system. This helps people to determine locations.Different types of mobile phonesThere are so many types of mobile phones but according to Hirst, M. (2008) they can be divided into 3 groups named music phones, camera phones and smart phones.If somebody likes music on the go they will certainly need a music phone. For this there is none better than the Sony Ericsson walkman series. For sound quality and reliability they really do beat all the rest. The Sony Ericsson W960i is our pick if you opt for the walkman series. Another option might be the Nokia N81.If it's photographs then camera phones are for them. This has a great flash and lens and comes with huge card to store all your photographs on.If somebody leads a hectic life or they want information at fingertips they should consider buying a smart phone. Smart phone will let you...

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