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Buying A House Essay

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My husband and I had been married for almost two months, when we started thinking about buying a house. We had been living in an apartment for about four months, and we knew we wanted a bigger place. We wanted to have a backyard for our son and all the other commodities that come with owning a house. We were a little scared about committing to a house note for so many years. However, our logic to that was that we were paying almost as much for an apartment that would never be ours. Therefore, we decided we wanted to have our own place, to which we could change, add or do anything to if we wanted to. Subsequently, we began the search for our new house! The search was difficult in the beginning and time consuming. We had to decide on a price range, how much we wanted to pay a month, and also consider interest rates, which at the time were up and down. We looked for a couple of weeks, then one day we were driving down a street and we noticed this cute little house for sale. The front yard looked nice, and the house seemed to be the right size for us. We took note of the information and the next day our Realtor arranged an appointment for us to see it.It is no wonder that people say to keep an open mind when looking for a house to buy. That was the advice I received from a friend that had done this before. She told me that when looking at a house for the first time, not to be disappointed if I saw something I did not like, as long as it could be fixed or changed. Therefore, I kept that in mind when my husband and I went to see the house the first time. When we first walked in, the living room was pretty spacious, but it had hardly anything in it. The people that owned the house then, had a desk, a table (not a coffee table or center table) just a table, that looked like a picnic table, and a couch. As a result, I had to try to picture the living room with our furniture and our things and try to imagine how it would look. Next we noticed the carpet was in pretty bad shape. We could not tell if its original color was gray or blue. The carpet would definitely need to be changed.We then continued on to the back yard, which was not attractive at all. There were a few nice bushes, but they needed to be trimmed. Then there was also a dog that had dug most of the grass out. Despite all this, my husband and I knew the backyard had potential if it was well taken care of.Next, we went back inside to see the rest of the house. There were three bedrooms, two medium size bedrooms on one side of the house and the master bedroom on the other side. We looked at the smaller bedrooms first and I immediately knew if we decided to buy this house, which bedroom I wanted for my son. Again, our first impression was...

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