Buzzing And Beeping Javier Aleman Section 21336 March 1, 2002

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Buzzing and Beeping Javier Aleman Section 21336 March 1, 2002 Essay 2 The humming noise coming from room from within the Radiology Department at Del Sol Medical Center almost lulls me to sleep, but the buzzing and beeping from machines in patient's rooms and constant sound of voices keep me awake on this Wednesday, February 20,2002. In fact, all my faculties are fully alert. I examine an elderly man sitting opposite of me wearing a hospital gown who has fallen asleep as he waits to be called into the room from which the humming is emanating. I can smell a funny musky odor, and as I look around looking for the source, a lady calls me back into the waiting area to tell me Adrian Acosta is on his way. I start to think of why I chose radiology as my desired profession. The truth is that the only reason I even began to consider it, is because my father is a radiologist. I have always looked up to my father and I see how happy he is with his career. He's always telling us about his day at the hospital and what he saw that day. He has told me about all the things he can do with starting out a radiologist should he choose to do so. I find it very appealing that becoming a radiologist could be a stepping stone to attending medical school to become a doctor like his friend did. Now however, I feel I need someone else's outlook on radiology and this interview is the perfect opportunity. I'm still thinking all about this, when short while later I recognize Adrian Acosta by the blue scrubs all radiologists wear. Adrian is a medium height slender youth. I am surprised by how young he looks. He shakes my hand and introduces himself to me and asks if I would mind stepping outside so that he can smoke a cigarette while I interview him. I agree and along the way we both make small talk about my dad who has arranged this meeting. Once outside, he begins to relax as we sit on a concrete bench and I lay out my things. He looks tired and when I mention it he tells me that he has been working since 10 pm last night. It's a little after 4pm now. He explains that he was asked to cover another employee's shift and accepted. "I'm glad we're having this interview," he says "so that I can take a real break." "I've had two breaks but each time I ended up doing paperwork!" We both laugh and I ask him if it's okay to begin. He lights his cigarette and gives me the go ahead. "Okay Adrian, what exactly do you do all day?" I ask. "I pretty much spend all day taking x-rays of patients and working with doctors." Adrian adds that it also depends on how busy it is. Sometimes, he says, there are no patients for hours so I get to catch up on paperwork or visit with friends from the department and other departments. He also tells me that there are times when he is so busy he works all eight to nine hours straight without a lunch break. "Do you interact with the patients a lot?" I ask. Adrian thinks for a while and answers, "depends." "Some patients require x-rays only once...

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