By: Brady Anderson The Two Story Wood House At 1125 Ave

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By: Brady Anderson The two-story wood house at 1125 Ave South, "Oakdale," was now occupied by only its second owners since its original construction around 1924. White paint was flaking off from areas on its exterior walls and the blue trim had turned to a pale gray. Even a couple of windowpanes were shattered because of the mischief of some neighborhood children between owners, causing small amounts of water damage in a couple of the second floor bedrooms.Still, to Jamie and Ross, the structure was home.Together, they would stand outside and envision what a few months of hard work and sweat could accomplish for their newly purchased and prized possession.They would hope to someday raise children here and build memories that would last a lifetime, maybe two. One hundred grand American, (nine million Canadian) was not too much to pay for such a beautiful home "Just a few more boxes to sort through and we'll be officially moved in," Ross randomly commented; as he lifted a 120lb sculpture onto a table, with extreme ease due to his large muscle mass.Jamie nodded, "Where should I put all that excess dinnerware that your aunt gave us?" "How about the closet under the stairs? Its not like I'll ever use it." Jamie grinned. "Be my guest!" "What?" Ross smiled. "Do you think there's ghosts or something in there?" he asked."I just don't like the fact that its locked and the Realtor didn't have any keys to fit it. But what really bothers me is, my hair stands on end when I walk by it." "Well, you've watched one too many horror flicks." Jamie shrugged her shoulders sarcastically. "Then, by all means, be my guest, put the dishes under the stairs. I can find something better to do." The two embraced and shared a quick hug before retrieving the final two boxes from the bed of their black, Toyota Tacoma, pickup truck and bringing them into the house."Which bathroom did you start bleaching?" Jamie asked Ross as he went through a box of tools."Downstairs bathroom." he answered."Okay---I'm heading up to do the other one then!" Jamie said, loudly.Ross gave her a light peck on her forehead and walked toward the gloomy closet beneath the stairs. "I'll be hacking away at this lock, with the saw so we can get in, so if you hear yelling, you better come quick." He dashingly winked at her. "Cause you never know what I might find on the other side of this door." Only ten minutes later, Ross had cut through the thinnest section of the doorknob and was able to force the lock mechanism to fall inside; it clattered to the floor of the closets' interior. A cascading flow of stale, musty air blew passed him as he cracked the door and stuck his head inside the narrow opening.Carefully, he felt around the innermost wall for a light switch, then noticed a long string hanging from the center of the closet, and gave it a firm tug.The sudden burst of light revealed an ordinary and innocent closet."No monsters here," he amusingly said to himself."What?" said a high-pitched voice from...

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