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Byod In The Enterprise And Health Organizations And  The Affection In Personal And Organizational Privacy Security Information

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This paper is going to debate about the influences and effects that come from the BYOD (Bring your own device) technology to business and health organizations especially in the note of development and private security. BYOD is a conceptual term of “Bring you own Devices”. Broadly speaking BYOD represents applying personal communication-technological devices into the workplace, but in a narrow sense BYOD is not so straightforward. In order to implement BYOD, organizations need to establish a chain of infrastructural systems for information and technological software to operate effectively and securely. In the meanwhile, privacy security issues emerge to the surface for both personal and ...view middle of the document...

By adopting the concept of self monitoring in Panopticon surveillance employees would calibrate/correct/amend their behaviour automatically (Bentham, 1791). Self-behaving becomes one factor to create higher productivity. Gradually, people will have information and technological accessibility wherever they want and build up a “move-and-work” society for a new multitasking generation. As long as wireless internet can reach to their personal devices, employees can produce economic effectiveness. On the other hand, total cost of ownership can be reduced by switching the role for doing hardware updating from organizations to employees and those organizational owned assets device will no longer be a tremendous cost of capital investment for organizations. This provides benefit to enterprise organizations. People upgrade technological devices frequently conversely not every organization have such formidable financial capacity for constantly renovating/ regenerating/ upgrading organizational-owned asset hardware. By accepting BYOD not only pull down the total cost of ownership, at the same time, digital divide between traditional, smaller and high technological, larger organization will lessen for more equitable business competition base on resemble information technological devices bring from employee themselves.
As the reports showed previously BYOD increase customer satisfaction and organization growth. In the case of healthcare organization customers are patients. BYOD development is also immeasurable in medicine and health organization (Keyes, 2014, pg.138). By uploading all of the patients’ information to the BYOD system by the cloud, doctors can diagnose more accurately for their tracing patients, according to the larger and broader database of patient’s health condition. The same idea can even be taken to move forward a step for health check and anesthesia. Many illnesses and disease could be diagnosed earlier thereupon patient can receive medical treatment sooner. Once patient got medical treatment as soon as possible, ratio of healing and recover will raise/ increase many percentage points. Furthermore, many patients stop their heart beat even before the surgeons because of imprecise and overdose dosage of anesthetics. BYOD is capable to help anesthetist estimate accurate dosage of anesthetics from patient’s personal and family history of disease and health condition thereby preventing any unfortunate to occur.
Hospitals can also establish a simulation mechanism by the patients’ health condition which create a customize and individual simulation. This simulation allows surgeons to practice and forecast/estimate/predict any accident/issue that might appear during the surgery as an individual case. Like pilots practice each and individual flight before actual circumstances/practical application by using a flight safety simulation system called Flight Training Device (FTD), surgeons can also do practices through simulation of surgery for the...

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