C Seasonal Abundance Of Pulvinaria Psidii Maskel Stages And Total Population Infest Guava Trees At Qaliobiya Governorate

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C-Seasonal abundance of Pulvinaria psidii Maskel stages and total population infest guava trees at Qaliobiya governorate:
Seasonal abundance of P. psidii different stages and total population infesting guava trees at Qaliobiya governorate from 1st April 2005 till mid March 2007 were investigated and tabulated in tables (XVII &XVIII) and graphically illustrated in fig (87-9)
Seasonal fluctuation of ovisacs:
The results in the tables (XVII) and figure (87) proved that, the P. psidii ovisacs have regular occurrence all over the year, except during the end of each year (from 1st January till 1st April) where the number were very low. Also there were a moderate three highness in number egg sacs after that the number is decreased followed that peaks in egg population were achieved. The 1st peak was at mid June (19 ovi sacs/leaf), the 2nd peak at mid August (15 ovisacs/leaf) and the 3rd peak occurred at 1st Nov. with (14 ovisacs/leaf).
Also during second year of study we found three peaks which were recorded at 1st July (12 ovsac / leaf), mid September (18 ovsac / leaf) and 1st December (13 ovsac / leaf) respectively. As we refereed proceeding after the three peaks at the end of second year the numbers of the ovisacs were very low till the end of the year.
Seasonal fluctuation of preadult:
Considering the data of the first year (2005-2006) that shown in the same tables and graphically in Figure (88), it could be detected that nymphal stage had three apexes were achieved during 1st May, 1st August and mid of October 2005 with 320, 285 and 223 nymphs / leaf respectively. The results obtained in the second year (2006-2007) which illustrated in the same table & Fig .demonstrated that P. psidii nymphal stage of recorded three apexes 277, 147 and 290 nymph / leaf which appreciated during the 1st May , mid July and mid September 2006 respectively. The nymphal stage turned has continued decreasing period elongated from mid Jan. till mid March (end of the year) during the first and second studied years.
Seasonal fluctuation of adult females:
The data of the first studied year (2005-2006), that presented in the same tables and illustrated in Fig (89) published the presence of three distinct peaks for P. psidii adult females whish were recorded as follows; the first peak at the mid June with (24 ad. fem./leaf). The second peak, was at the first September (27 ad.fem./leaf) and the last and highest peak was at first December, (36 ad. fem. /leaf). Also data clearly showed there were three deperson periods at 1st May (6 adult/leaf), 1st October (5 adult/leaf) and the deepest one at mid March (2006) (1 ad. fem. /leaf).
The data of the second year of investigation (2006-2007) mentioned that there were three distinct peaks; the first peak was at 1st July (39 adult/leaf), the second and the highest peak at 1st Sep. (40 adult/leaf) and the last peak it wasn't the highest but the longest one, it recorded at mid Nov....

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