C156/Wtt Task 1 Essay

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Advanced Information Management and the Application of Technology

Our one hundred bed hospital is in need of updating from paper charting to computerized health records. In doing this, we will meet our goal of compliance with meaningful use legislation. We assembled a team of members to assist with this task and together we have narrowed the search to two health care systems. Those two systems are EPIC and Meditech and we will now discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each, with a final recommendation for our new healthcare system.
Identification and Roles of Team Members/Expertise
The first person on this team is the acute care nurse manager. The acute care nurse manager is a bachelor prepared nurse and is beneficial to this team because of her close relationship with staff nurses. She will have input from floor nurses and be able to contribute important information about charting from the nursing standpoint. The nurse manager will be able to assist with questions that staff nurses may have during implementation and training. This member is able to discuss what the nursing staff needs for adequate charting. She will be able to look at each computerized system and contribute a nurses point of view.
The second team member will be the chief medical officer. The physician has the input from other doctors and will be able to answer questions for other doctors during training and implementation. This doctor is familiar with several computerized management systems and will be able to contribute inside information about each system. He will be able to compare each physician ordering system to help decide which system is right for the hospital.
The third member of the team is the information specialist. The information specialist is the facilitator and will keep the meetings running smoothly. She is a masters prepared nurse and has implemented a health system at a nearby hospital. This experience is helpful in making this transition run smoothly. This is a very important job. She must make sure that the system chosen is appropriate for each department of the hospital. She must take all information provided by the other members of the team, to come to an educated decision as to which system is best.
The fourth member is the laboratory supervisor. She is a bachelor prepared medical technician with experience with integration of laboratory equipment and computerized health systems. It will be important to have her input during the selection process. She will be able to train the other laboratory staff. It is her job to evaluate the systems and decide which is best for the laboratory. Making sure that the system works smoothly with the laboratory equipment is extremely important.
The fifth member of the team is the medical records manager. She has a bachelors in healthcare management. Her expertise with HIPAA rules and regulations is crucial. It is her job to evaluate security of the new...