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"Cabaret" Essay

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CabaretWith great interest in history and theatre I went on to see "Cabaret" in Kinghtnridge Theater Los Angeles, CA. The play is based on a book by Joe Masteroff and it is about Berlin the life in Berlin before the Nazis came. Berlin back in the 1930s was the bastion of decadence; much like California in 1960s Berlin was famous for drugs, sex and music. Berlin in 1930s enjoyed careless "Cabaret", the city had only a population of one million yet it had thirty thousand brothels, clearly a sign of its ultra decadence [Esther, 2003].The Nazis were seen as a political nuisance and the city had no political affinities. No on had a time of politics in this city of fun. The Nazis came down and thus it was the end of the party. The play revolves around these themes, the lyrics is by Fred Ebb and music by John Kander. "Cabaret" is directed and produced by Joseph Stachura; this is the Knightsbridge's first new production at their Los Angeles location since they left Pasadena last month [Esther, 2003].The first act begins, the Mardi Gras mood takes over and the fun never ends. All the performers come on the stage one by one; they flirt, flash, fling and sing their ways across the stage in a precision. Emcee one of the main characters parades the stage with the ghosts of all yesteryears written across a scarred wilderness. One of his dear possessions is Sally Bowles a wonderful and friendly gal who has got all the guys she wants [Marchese, 2003].One of the significant aspects of the play is that it shows that identities are stripped off from the people who come to Berlin. They are all part of a culture of drug, sex and music. The first act was very good and showed the basic mood of the play and the overview of the life in Berlin. It tells the viewer that Berlin was a global city in the 1930s with no political ambition and affinities; it was the center place for people involving and indulging in sexual pleasures, drugs, music and other types of fun.The second act introduces new characters Clifford Bradshaw, an American author who is traveling Europe and comes to the city. He is overwhelmed by the city and its way of life, Berlin is far more extravagant and reckless than...

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