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Cable Modem vs. Dial-UpThe Internet is the largest worldwide network connecting computer users. According to the annual "E-Commerce and Development Report" issued by the U.N. Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) 591 million people worldwide had access to the Internet last year. This access is only available after they choose a method for connection to the Internet. Different types of services are offered by a variety of companies. Among all the services there are two connection modes, narrowband and broadband. Although both bands are able to provide a connection, they differ significantly. Dial-up is a narrowband service that sends data over a telephone line where the bandwidth cannot be divided into more than one signal. Consequently, transmission speeds are limited. On the other hand, cable modem is a broadband transmission medium where the bandwidth can be divided and shared by multiple simultaneous signals including voice, data, or video. This results in faster transmission speeds. Ultimately, millions of computer users face the dilemma of deciding which service is ideal for them in terms of cost, connectivity, and bandwidth.Initially, cost might be the major deciding factor for many users. Fortunately, Internet providers can be easily compared because of their different costs. A standard service of dialup, for instance, will cost ten dollars a month compared to twenty for cable modem. In addition premium services, like America Online, can easily double the cost. The price differences can be explained by comparing the features of each service. It maybe the worth extra cost for some users to have a cable modem rather than a dial-up connection. No matter what service is chosen, access to the Internet is only possible by paying a service provider.Another way to compare providers is by the way the user will be connecting to the Internet, in other word, connectivity. All services allow the user to connect to the Internet eventually, although their methods may be different. The user with a dial-up service will connect their computer to a telephone line to access the Internet and upon connection will send and receive data via the telephone line. Once the user is done transmitting data or browsing the web, the connection is terminated. In contrast, a cable modem user is connected to the provider via their television cable....

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