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Cadbury Main Influences And Competitors Essay

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Cadbury's external influences

Every business wants to achieve its aims and objectives to make a profit. They do this by organizing what it can influence internally E.G, employees, resources, quality etc...However there are external influences that they cannot control and can affect sales and profit.
Today Cadbury has to concentrate on their external influences, so they are prepared for the next step, these are things like transport, healthy eating, inflation, G M products prices of raw materials, and the weather. All of these external influences affect Cadburys overall prices of their products and can therefore affect sales.

Main competitors of

In Europe, the main competitors are Thornton’s, Lindt, Lindor, Master food (mars), and other international competitors are Nestle, Hershey.
Below is a table showing the percentage of the confectionary market Cadbury and its competitors own

Mars UK is one of the world's major providers of delicious high quality snacks and confectionery


Nestlé UK is an important component of this international company.

The story started in 1868, when Henri Nestlé set up a sales office in London. In 1901, Nestlé opened its first UK factory, and in 1905 merged with the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company.

Over the years Nestlé has acquired other names almost as famous as its own - notably Rowntree's - as well as gaining a reputation for innovation.

In 1913 chocolate production began at Hayes, including the launch of the famous brand of white chocolate Milky Bar in 1937

From the outset, Nestlé was an international company, assuming the multicultural traditions of its parent country. Almost its first undertaking was to set up factories and distribution in other countries. As early as 1900, it had started manufacturing in the USA and it was among the first international companies to appreciate the importance of Latin America. In addition to its major businesses in Europe, North America and the Far East, it is also well established in India, China, Africa and Eastern Europe. Nestlé are one of Cadburys main competitors as they cover the same countries that Cadburys do and more so they are well known in many countries. Moreover they do other products like cereal, drinks and cakes.
Thornton’s has 582 shops and franchises across the UK, and almost 20pc of the group is still controlled by the Thornton’s family. The group plans to open up to 40 new stores over the next 2-3 years, and boost the number of franchises from 200 up to 300.
The company has invested more than £1m in Thornton’s Direct, the group’s internet delivery service which allows people to make their own selections for chocolate boxes.
The move has paid off, boosting internet sales by 17.2pc in the same period. Mr Davies said: "During Easter, sales of our excellent chocolate and ice cream products performed well and the Group expects it full...

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