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Caesar: A Man Of Power. History Essay Proving Why Julius Caesar Was A Great Leader And So Successful In His Political Rise In Rome

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Gaius Julius Caesar was a superior leader who stood above the rest even after his untimely death. He was both an intellectual and courageous. These characteristics gave him an early lead in his political life. He not only changed the lives of Romans of his time, but also left his imprint on the world for centuries to come.Being an intelligent and very well educated man, it was not difficult for Caesar to gain respect and notoriety. As an orator and politician, military general, writer and statesman he excelled. He studied both Greek and Latin literature as well as philosophy and, most importantly, rhetoric. Even at an early age, Caesar had shown a natural talent for the art of persuasive ...view middle of the document...

Caught off guard, the pirates were captured and hanged before the officials could determine what to do with them. (Isenburg, 6) In a later instance, Caesar declared himself a candidate for High Priest; the public was shocked because it was one of the most important offices in the city. He was staking his career on an enormous gamble because his opponents were both very respected and more experienced than he was. To increase his odds he spent lavishly on his campaign, as well as revoking the voting rights of the Senate, and giving it to the people. He told his mother, "Today you will see your son made High Priest, or in exile." (Akinde, 12)He overcame his opponents by a landslide and his lavish campaign proved victorious. Little did the people of Rome know what a master of war he would become. While in Gaul he proved to be very competent in dealing with uncivilized countries. Caesar was swift with crucial decisions and had the intellect many others lacked when engaging in warfare. He was a romantic who went for the glamorous conquest and set out to conquer Britain primarily for the sense of adventure, not for the plunder. He not only governed Gaul, but Ilyria and the Cisalpine Gaul as well. (Coolidge, 53) Caesar had once again astounded the Romans with his astuteness and charismaCaesar left his mark on Ancient Rome and his legend still lives on today. On the verge of achieving his goal of transforming Rome into a world empire and becoming ruling dictator, he was murdered by those who could not stand to see him succeed....

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1973 words - 8 pages wants Brutus to realize that she’s stronger than other women, that she’s his devoted wife. By voluntarily stabbing herself in the leg, she wants him to realize that she is strong and can be trusted with his secrets. After my monologue, Brutus responds by saying he wishes he was good enough to have such an honorable wife, and promises that he’ll explain what’s been going on soon enough, but for now she had to go inside because someone knocked on the door. Lucius brought Ligarius, a sick man, to his door. Ligarius said that because Brutus is so noble, he would do anything Brutus wants him to do. So the three of them set off to go to the capitol to kill Caesar.

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1502 words - 6 pages many signals that he was going to be assassinated. Though during this conflict, Brutus was also rather busy waging wars on himself, being so unaware of his surroundings, and focus on nothing but the plotting of Caesar’s death. Not the best way of thinking foe either of them, at all. Power, what an evil object, driving people to deceive others. Gaeus Julius, the great Caesar of Rome, such a self-centered man. He had the ever so conceited

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