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Gaius Julius Caesar was born on July 12, 100 BC in an old aristocratic family. After Sulla declared dictatorship, Caesar was targeted due to his kinship to Marius in bloodline and also in his marriage with Cornelia. As a result, Caesar joined the army and later studied rhetoric in Rhodes. Finally returning to Rome after the decline of Sulla’s power, Caesar’s military achievements and eloquence in speeches contributed to his increasing political power in Rome. Caesar gained the support from the Plebeians by hosting entertainments and presenting himself as an affectionate person to the people, who later selected him as a tribune. Also taking advantage of the corrupted government, Caesar bribed ...view middle of the document...

Caesar offered another marriage to Pompey in order to connect the two families, but Pompey declined, and decided to marry Cornelia, the daughter of Scipio, marking the end of the first triumvirate. Finally succeed in securing Gaul as a Roman province, Caesar gained great fondness of the public who now looked upon him as the survivor of democracy while the government underwent a revolutionary change. The lack of balance between the Plebeians, having little wealth and political power, and the rich Patricians that controlled the government was no longer bearable for the people, resulting in great turmoils in society. In such occasion the Senate, believing that monarchy was the only cure to such madness, voted Pompey as the sole consul. The senate revoked Caesar’s governorship and demanded the disband his own army, rejecting any probable peace offering from Caesar. In consequence, Caesar, unwilling to give up his plan of securing the democracy in Rome, crossed the Rubicon with his armies and took Rome by force, using his military power to suppress the power of Senate.
After the Civil War,...

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