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Caffeine. All of you probably already know what caffeine is. In case you don’t, it is a common legal stimulant drug, that is in a lot of the things that we eat and drink. In its pure form,it is a white powder, but it is also found in many different types of plants. Some of the most known products with caffeine in them are coffee,chocolate,sodas and tea. What you might not know is that caffeine is also in things you might not expect, such as pain killers and sometimes even ice cream. Caffeine is in many things, 90% of Americans eat or drink caffeine in some way shape or form on an everyday basis.I am going to be telling you more about this drug, such as side effects and benefits that would come from having it.
I am going to start with the pros of caffeine. When most people think of caffeine, they think of quick energy, and reduced drowsiness. This is in fact is true, and you may have realized that from using it before.The science behind this has two factors, which both involve your brain. To decrease drowsiness,it blocks your adenosine receptors. Adenosine is the chemical that tells your body that it is tired, which is our body’s way of trying to get us to rest. When we block the receptors, your body stops saying that it is tired, and you feel like you have an energy boost. Another thing that caffeine does is produce dopamine. Dopamine is the chemical that makes you feel happy. The caffeine increases the levels of dopamine being created, and gives your mood a boost too. Caffeine has also been shown to temporarily create other benefits too,such as someones ability to learn, improved reflexes, being able to think clearer and better memory. Regular coffee drinkers were also 80% less likely to develop Parkinson’s disease, which is an illness that shuts down your nervous system. Another disease that coffee and caffeine can prevent is Alzheimers. Studies have also shown that it can actually prevent skin cancer to some extent. Since caffeine creates dopamine, it can also prevent depression, which could prevent suicides. If you are an older person, caffeine can stimulate hair growth for people whose hair may be thinning out.
As you can see, caffeine has many health benefits, but I should also tell you the negative...

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