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Caffeine And Sleep Deprivation: Pros And Cons For Tired Students

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The intent of caffeine and sleep deprivation is to help the students through pressure and stress of studying from courses that they are taking. However, in actuality, caffeine and sleep deprivation effectively enlarge the gap between proper sleep and restfulness needed for body to function efficiently. However, the effects of caffeine on elevated cognitive processes are well researched even though it is “useful for restoring basic alertness and vigilance” (Huck 489). Although, caffeine seems to provide an equal opportunity for students to excel in their studies regardless of the lack of sleep that they are receiving, there is evidence that suggests caffeine may have a distinct advantage over needed sleep. Furthermore, the paper will analyze the students need for better grades due to lack of rest that they are receiving and the expanding gap between caffeine intake and sleep deprivation. However, the students that are to produce successful results are often associated with intake of caffeine and sleep deprivation. This paper will attempt to disprove the claim that caffeine acts as a life-saver, an energy-booster, and promoter to better and longer hours, and will instead argue for proper, restful sleep. Furthermore, this study will examine how caffeine is an ongoing detrimental factor to student’s health, functionality, and response. Caffeine has progressed beyond a simple drink of enjoyment for people, especially for students.
Since the invention of caffeine, it is continuing to be widely consumed around the world. Caffeine has been used in beverages, foods, and as drugs due to the empowerment it has on the degrading effects on alertness, moodiness, and cognitive performances. With its increasing popularity with majority of the people who take caffeine and deprive themselves of sleep, caffeine specifically “battles fatigue and improves creativity” (Kluger). Nevertheless, caffeine, also known as “recreational caffeine” (Kluger), is commonly used to counter-attack sleep deprivation for people, especially for students, who need caffeine to have their studying done. However, with no proper sleep and restfulness, the body can become over-worked and can build up pressure where medical issues can occur, such as effects on blood pressure and tension. Over the years, caffeine is routinely used to minimize lack of performance and alertness which is “impairing effects of both total and partial sleep deprivation” (Sun 91). Evidence suggests that the loss of sleep is induced by deficits in alertness and vigilance that can be minimized by stimulants such as caffeine. It is known that caffeine “improve[s] reaction times and lapses that are induced by sleep deprivation” (Gottselig 37). In neurophysiologic and functional studies show that frontal regions of the brain are for the most part responsive to homeostatic, the stability, of sleep pressure (32). Therefore, sleep deprivation causes impairments in the prefrontal cortical function (32), where this part of...

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