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Caffeine, Is It Helping Or Hurting America?

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Caffeine is the most abused drug in the world. Many people wake up, and start there day with some sort of caffeine. Some it is for the energy boost, and to help them stay awake and focused. Others it is for the addictive crave. It is the most popular drug in the United States. Caffeine is in almost everything such as, sodas, over-counter medication, prescription drugs, cigarettes, foods, etc. The most consumed sources of caffeine are coffee and tea, and it [caffeine] can be harmful on your health, as well as addictive. America should be aware of the causes and effects caffeine has on the human body, which can lead to addiction and bad side effects.
Coffee and tea have been used by humans for many years. Those beverages are the primary source of human’s caffeine intake. Coffee and tea go back to the earliest human history. A Greek poet Homer, who lived in the ninth–eighth centuries B.C., talked about a drink that helped people stay awake, biographers believed that he was referring to tea. Back in the day, coffee was very popular in the Middle East and North Africa. While tea is believed to have developed in China, coffee was brought to other countries by travelers. There were many religious people who disapproved of it, saying caffeine was an “instrument of evil”. In the 1900’s there was a doctor name T.D. Crothers, who said, caffeine was bad and caused rarely violent and destructive behavior. Crothers also talked about a general in the Civil War, who had several cups of coffee and afterwards appeared on front of the line acting recklessness, shouting and waving his hat and giving orders, as if he was confused. He was thought to have been intoxicated, but afterwards it was found that he had only consumed several cups of coffee (Caffeine).
Some people may not believe caffeine is harmful or addictive, that is because when they think of someone being addicted to something, they think of street drugs or alcohol. Just because a person does not have to go to rehab, or do other things to cure addiction does not mean they are not addicted. People do not really think of it in the same way, because it is not brought to people’s attention, and they do not hear about it as much as they would with other types of addictions. On the other hand caffeine can be just as addictive as illegal drugs, or even cigarettes and alcohol. “To be physically and psychologically addicted to something, a person needs to meet all four criteria, withdrawal symptoms, development of tolerance over time to the effects, use of the substance in spite of aggravation of medical or mental problems, repeated unsuccessful attempts at quitting said Dr. Griffiths” ( Blakeslee). Not many people really know what effects it can have on them.
Caffeine is highly addictive FDA approved stimulant drug that effects the central nervous system. Within the human body with every movement of the cells there is byproduct. With any physical activity, the byproduct chemical called Adenosine is produced....

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