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Caffeine The Most Popular Drug In The World

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Coffee and tea have been around for many centuries. Coffee was discovered in the land of Abyssinia or also known as Ethiopia (Pendergrast, 2001). It became one of the many sources to create ideas, a common drink for work or school, and created problems. It is common to buy coffee now from Starbucks, Philz Coffee, or brewing it ourselves. Coffee is use to start out our day and keep us awake. Since discovering coffee, Americans consume it everyday. On the other hand, not only is coffee very popular drink but so is drinking Tea. The discovery of tea is very diverse, it goes through many histories and cultural stories. The history of it started out when the British made tea their representing ...view middle of the document...

According to the NIH”s National Cancer Institute, proved through an project that it can help you live a longer life. For 10 years, they had around 400,000 men and women at the ages 50 to 71, they all drank coffee and tested to have lower risk of dying than to those who never consumed caffeinated drinks. They all likely to die of heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, or infections (Sangon). Another health benefit is it protects many types of cancers. It is found that caffeine (Sangon). But it all depends on the person, how they react to caffeine and how much you can consume per day. Although caffeine may contain great benefits, there are some bad effects. When drinking anything that consumes caffeine, it is easily absorbed to the brain. It never goes to the bloodstream or stays in our body. Caffeine is stated as a drug and can be addictive. Many of those who do not drink moderately can be too dependent on it and have a hard time to cut back on how much they consume it (Sangon). When someone drinks too much caffeine and decides to quit will be triggered to have terrible headaches and fatigue (Sangon). We rely caffeine to stimulate our tired days, but overusing that benefit can interrupt our sleeping patterns and can lead to insomnia (Sangon). Caffeine can increase blood sugar levels, making it difficult to those who have type 2 diabetes (Sangon). Finally it can potentially cause spinal bone loss for postmenopausal women (Sangon). These side effects all depend on how someone consumes caffeine per day and if there body can handle it. Whether or good or bad, the key to enjoy caffeine is to drink it moderately. Caffeine is commonly known to be in coffee, but it can be also in tea.
Tea has an important chemical compound which is polyphenols that is the for the great benefits from drinking green tea. Polyphenols helps prevents inflammation, swelling, and fights against acne (Green tea: MedlinePlus Supplements”, 2014). The chemical compound and structure are mainly the same for both tea and including coffee. Polyphenolic from plans have phenolic compounds and all have similar phenylalanine and shikimic acid. They are all form in a conjugated way with one or more polysaccharide or monosaccharide connected to hydroxyl groups, sometimes an aromatic carbon will come up even during this sugar link (Pandey, K., & Rizvi, S, 2009). Another common compound that are found are carboxylic, organic acids, amines, and lipids (Pandey, K., & Rizvi, S, 2009). Polyphenol is classified on how many number of phenol rings it has and the structure of elements that sticks the rings to each other (Pandey, K., & Rizvi, S, 2009). The rings are divided into four classes. The four main classes are phenolic acids,...

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