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Caffeine Vs No Cafe Essay

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Caffeine vs. No Caffeine

Humans have used caffeine for the past hundred years to be active and get work done faster, but is caffeine really helping us do that? Caffeine has been demonstrated to improve reaction time, cognitive performances, and physical activities. Effect of caffeine has been studied in various research studies. Caffeine is used in many different activities to stay active or awake during the task. An example of this can be college students using caffeine while studying for their exams to be alert. Even though caffeine has some benefits to it, it does have drawbacks with it such as, headaches, anxiousness, irregular or fast heartbeat and sleeplessness.
During the day, coffee is taken more for conviviality to improve performances and to cope with stress. Caffeine is the most widely consumed socially active substance in the world. Caffeine has often been studied in connection with reaction time. According to a study, it was founded that moderate doses of caffeine decreased the time it took subjects to find a target stimulus and to prepare a response for a complex reaction time task. (Lorist & Snel, 1997) In this experiment, a dose of 3 mg/kg body weight caffeine, dissolved in a cup of decaffeinated coffee, was administered double blind and deceptively to be overnight abstinence coffee drinkers.
The effects of caffeine, especially caffeinated coffee, on human performance have been widely studied. Another study has been conducted to investigate the effects of daylong consumption of tea, coffee and water on cognitive performance and reaction time. (Hindmarch I. et al, 2000) In this study Hindmarch used, thirty healthy volunteers, who were given equal volume drinks equivalent to either 1 or 2 cups of tea (containing 37.5 mg or 75 mg caffeine), or coffee (75 mg or 150 mg caffeine), or water. From the three beverages, coffee had the increase effect in alertness and reaction time performance. (Hindmarch I. et al, 2000)
The purpose of this experiment is to identify whether caffeine has an effect on response time, whether task difficulty has an effect on response time and if these two interact somehow. The current experiment tests three hypotheses. The first hypothesis, caffeine consumption will decrease reaction time with the maze. The second hypothesis is that it will take longer to complete maze type. It will take longer to complete the difficult maze than an easy maze. The last hypothesis is we will expect someone having caffeine consumption having a significant influence with difficult maze than an easy maze.
There were 40 participants who included family members and...

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