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Measuring The Effectiveness Of Teams Essay

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The first thing a customer sees at your business is the employee representing your product or service, if you want the customer to see that you have a smooth operation working than you want your employees to have good teamwork skills and to be trained in their current job duties. If the customer is not satisfied with the way your team is run your competitor thanks you for the new client. There are many ways to make sure this doesn't happen in which I will be explaining in detail throughout my paper.One of the best ways of deciding if your team needs improvement is in your sales report say you create a new team and all of a sudden sales begin to decline and customer complaints go up obviously your team is not being as effective and as customer service friendly as they should be otherwise sales and compliments would be on the rise. Most companies encourage and welcome complaints and compliments for this very reason it is the cheapest way to determine if your team needs improvement and it only cost you a dollar for a compliment/complaint card or a phone call to hear the voice and opinion of the people that keep your business up and running on a regular basis.Mystery shops have become more and more often used to test the resources at your store for quality. Mystery shoppers involve an unknown individual usually outsourced from another company to come into your business and do business like an average customer would, they examine things like cleanliness of the store, how well was everything stocked, how were they treated as customers in the store. Mystery shoppers also keep people on their toes so they tend to be weary of doing poorly employees tend to develop better customer service customer friendly skills when they feel they may be being watched. The mystery shopper will also be able to provide you as the business person a detailed report as to how your team is handling your business and if there is an incentive for passing the mystery shop employees tend to try that much harder.Many Companies today rely on customer satisfaction cards usually placed by the entrance and exit cards these cards consist of questions regarding how clean everything was how easy it was to find what was needed and how friendly the staff is. If the customer makes a complaint on these cards you can best believe that it probably had something to do with a team member not holding their weight because every employee you have is essentially a team member regardless if it is a team made on purpose or not every one of your employees are there to keep your business up and running for you and your customers. If your customer leaves a comment card that has nothing but praise on it can be a morale boost for your team to keep up the good work. Many companies rely on there customers feedback to tell them how well there staff is doing because it doesn't really mater what the boss sees them doing it is what the customer sees because the customers opinion is the only one that truly...

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