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Calculus'One of the greatest contributions to modern mathematics, science, and engineering wasthe invention of calculus near the end of the 17th century,' says The New Book of PopularScience. Without the invention of calculus, many technological accomplishments, such as thelanding on the moon, would have been difficult.The word 'calculus' originated from the Latin word meaning pebble. This is probablybecause people many years ago used pebbles to count and do arithmetic problems.The two people with an enormous contribution to the discovery of the theorems ofcalculus were Sir Isaac Newton of England and Baron Gottfried Wilhelm of Germany. Theydiscovered these theorems during the 17th century within a few years of each other.Isaac Newton was considered one of the great physicists all time. He applied calculus tohis theories of motion and gravitational pull. He was able to discover a function anddescribe mathematically the motion of all objects in the universe.Calculus was invented to help solve problems dealing with 'changing orvarying' quantities. Calculus is considered 'mathematics of change.'There are some basic or general parts of calculus. Some of these are functions,derivative, antiderivatives, sequences, integral functions, and multivariate calculus.Some believe that calculus is too hard or impossible to learn without much memorizationbut if you think that calculus is all memorizing then you will not get the object of learningcalculus. People say that calculus is just the revision or expansion of old or basic equations and Ibelieve that also.In economics and business there are some uses for calculus. One important application ofintegral calculus in business is the evaluation of the area...

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Eudoxus' Contribution to Calculus Essay

641 words - 3 pages Eudoxus was a notable mathematician and astronomer of ancient times, particularly 408 – 355 BC. He lived in Greece and studied under Plato, one of the most notable philosophers ever. In Calculus, Eudoxus is known for advancing Antiphon’s ideas on the method of exhaustion. The method of exhaustion is very important to calculus because one of the fundamental themes of calculus is sending variables (or whatever it happens to be) to infinity, which

Calculus, Leibniz and Newton Essay

2320 words - 9 pages It is interesting to note that the ongoing controversy concerning the so-called conflict between Wilhelm Gottfried Leibniz and Isaac Newton is one that does not bare much merit. Whether one came up with the concepts of calculus are insignificant since the outcome was that future generations benefited. However, the logic of their clash does bear merit. In proposing that he was the first inventor, Leibniz states that "it is most useful that

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1549 words - 6 pages Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz is an important figure in the history of philosophy and mathematics. Although his work was not fully appreciated during his day, he did much to advance the "thinking" on a variety of subjects. His fame was scarred by the infamous controversy with Isaac Newton on the subject of the discoverer of calculus. Leibniz's work encompassed a wide scope, ranging from philosopy to politics to mechanics and

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654 words - 3 pages , since I will be unable to understand areas on calculus 3 4 and 5 found in the course, and as a prospective engineer learning these topics was extremely crucial. Though these dire circumstances, I remained persistent and committed to my pursuits and there had begun engaging all the topics through research and critical insight. Having determination was not enough; I devoted countless hours towards perusing the principles of implicit and parametric


1479 words - 6 pages Calculus I is the first university mathematics class many of our students have to take, our goal is to teach them not only math content but also train them to become independent and skilled problem solvers in those problems that require the techniques and concepts of calculus. The idea of inverted classroom is that the students learn best when they are actively working on a task rather than passively listening to the lecture. This approach to

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414 words - 2 pages Unit 1 Test Reflection My interpretation of the first test is both positive and negative, but overall one that I will take as a leaning experience and prosper from. It was evident from the moment I finished the test that I had not performed to the best of my abilities. I had let the test and more importantly time get the better of me. I knew initially as I walked out the classroom that I could have done substantially better. Immediately I

Contributions of Isaac Newton

1251 words - 5 pages Even though Newton contributed to calculus centuries ago, there were still some similarities to modern day calculus, but there were also some differences compared to modern day calculus. Newton’s calculus resembled a current day textbook in that the problems contained numbers and variables. Newton’s calculus also contained many life application problems such as problems dealing with acceleration and velocity. In addition, Newton’s calculus

The Math I Will Take in College

837 words - 4 pages because I find chemistry and pre-calc fun, but also because they are fun to tell people about. Also, I could not find a BS in Physics at NC State, otherwise I would've taken that. In order to get a BA in Physics at NC State, I would need the following math courses [1]: • Calculus I (Which requires pre-calc) • Calculus II (Which requires Calculus I) • Calculus III (Which requires Calculus II) • Appl Diff Eq I (Which Requires Calculus III) • Linear

Johann Bernoulli

1368 words - 5 pages his brother in hopes that this would help him in his career as a physicist (Olanoff 612). The Bernoulli brothers learned infinitesimal calculus by a small group of European Mathematicians who fully understood it (Young 52). In addition, they also conquered Gottfried Wilhelm Von Leibniz's differential calculus. While in Geneva, Johann, found a solution to the catenary problem posed by his brother in 1691. This was his first notable


827 words - 3 pages Concepts of Calculus Calculus was invented independently by two mathematicians, Issac Newton of England and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz of Germany in the 1680s. Leibniz published his research in the journal ¡¥Acta Eruditorum¡¦ in 1684 and Newton ¡¥s treatise was published in ¡¥Principia Mathematica¡¦ in 1687.Calculus was

Modern Math

1014 words - 5 pages . Trigonometry is also another “branch of mathematics that deals with relationships between the sides and angles of triangles” (“Trigonometry”). Calculus is another type of mathematics that students will encounter in high school or college. Calculus is an “advance type of mathematics that deals mostly with rates of changes and with finding lengths, areas, and of volumes” (“Calculus”). Calculus is broken up into two parts: pre-calculus and calculus. In the

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1308 words - 5 pages I love calculus very much. I love calculus very much. I love calculus very much. I love calculus very much. I love calculus very much. I love calculus very much. I love calculus very much. I love calculus very much. I love calculus very much. I love calculus very much. I love calculus very much. I love calculus very much. I love calculus very much. I love calculus very much. I love calculus very much. I love calculus very much. I love calculus

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536 words - 2 pages Calculus "One of the greatest contributions to modern mathematics, science, and engineering was the invention of calculus near the end of the 17th century," says The New Book of Popular Science. Without the invention of calculus, many technological accomplishments, such as the landing on the moon, would have been difficult. The word "calculus" originated from the Latin word meaning pebble. This is probably because people many years

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1378 words - 6 pages An article written by Simon Harding and Paul Scott titled “The History of Calculus” explains the very beginnings and evolutions of calculus. Harding and Scott begin their article by explaining how important calculus is to almost every field, claiming that “…in any field you could name, calculus… can be found,” (Harding, 1976). I agree with this statement completely, and can even support it with examples of its uses in various fields like

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789 words - 3 pages The road to calculus is steadily being built. Mathematicians are constantly making breakthroughs but they could not do it if the foundation had not been laid down properly. The very first stones of the road were laid down in Greece, as are most of the foundations for math. The first stone was laid down in 450B.C. Calculus has traveled a long road since then, with a lot of stones placed in the foundations by various mathematicians.Zeno of Elea