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California is the state that is notable for famous celebrities, consistent sunny weather, and dazzling cities full of artistic gurus. The incoming array of hipster communities that strive to be different are introducing new ways to be outgoing. The liveliness of California usually comprises of wannabe musicians, actors, and other infamous people that are dying for their fifteen minutes of fame. On this obscure land mass there's always something going on. Ironically, there better be some sort of social gathering going on, since California consist of nearly 38 inhabitants. With a comprehensive population like that, there shouldn't be any socializing issues what so ever. California may consist of cultural resonance, but the cities themselves are quite diverse. I believe that the diversion is what helps the communities of California radiate their poise. Likewise, California is probably the most extroverted municipal in the United States of America. For instance, in my home town of Santa Monica there's always different types of people hanging out and having a gregarious time. There's usually the cool people that would go clubbing or bar hopping every weekend and end up looking like a hot mess. However, the group that I normally hang out with would rather do something more constructive than throwing up in a brown stale paper bag. I'm not saying that I didn't like to join in their fiasco’s, but I rather stay around in the local area then go to Los Angeles to spend a fortune on over saturated little girly drinks and tumultuously irritating techno music. Nonetheless they can be great drinking buddies. Furthermore “the uncool, non partying every weekend group” would regularly do productive activities such as surfing, skate boarding, hiking, kayaking, having a bonfire, and fishing while engrossing the vast seascape and landscape of the Pacific ocean coast. Speaking of the scenery, the Santa Monica beach provides an impressive atmosphere. Also the collected breeze from the Pacific Ocean can be alleviating. Particularly the wind breezing about feels astonishing especially when you're playing volleyball or simply just strolling around in the silky soft sand. The acoustic sounds of the immense waves moving from side to side while smashing into the coast of Santa Monica beach can bring in...

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2470 words - 10 pages incorporating new ones, you could eventually have a perfect machine. Removing the human variable, or automation, sounds like the solution to all of our flying problems - and maybe someday it will be. In this paper, however, we will investigate how automation can and has actually created new hazards with devastating effects. On December 20th 1995 American Airlines Flight 965, a Boeing 757-223, was flying at night near Cali, Columbia. On board

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1649 words - 7 pages previous rebuff gave the decision to the senate*We obtained all of Texas but not all of Oregon since Br. Was strong and MexicoMISUNDERSTANDINGS WITH MEXICO*Population of California in 1845 consisted of 13,000 Spanish-Mexicans, 75,000 indians less than a 1000 foreigners*Polk was eager to buy Cali. From Mx. However, relations were shaky, the US had claims of about 3 million in damages against Mex. Mex had agreed to pay but had been forced to default on

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1483 words - 6 pages Medillin Cartel's American contact, testimony against Lehder assured his conviction. In the 1990's, on the heels of the Medillin, came the Cali Cartel. They are responsible for 70-80 percent of the cocaine coming into the United States and 90 percent of that entering Europe. Instead of violence and intimidation like their counter parts, the Cali operated their business using a subtle approach. Law enforcement has had difficulty in closing the

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2114 words - 8 pages , Cartagena, Cali, Bogota, and many other places as well. There are many fun and exciting festivals in Colombia. Carnival is the biggest celebration. Carnival celebrates the few days before Lent starts. The carnival Queen is chosen in October of the previous year so they will have time to practice. The King must have participated in Carnival as a child. Carnival ends with the burial of Joselito Carnival. His body rests until next Carnival. During

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4787 words - 19 pages in. The older cartel was the Cali cartel, an immense enterprise with subsidiaries in banking, real estate, and even an airline (Scott 94). Competing with the Cali cartel for market share was the Medellin cartel led by a man who would become synonymous with Colombian narco-terrorism, Pablo Escobar. The two cartels had vastly different styles with the Cali cartel preferring to view itself as more of a legitimate business with an executive

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1050 words - 4 pages harmonize with the environment and they could see that they know how to dance the Salsa.Fig 1 and 2: Correct kind of dressing.World Games 2013 in Cali, Colombia - Dance sport Competition - Salsa Sport, 1st Place - Gold Medal World Champions.In conclusion, knowing all these steps of how to be correctly dressed is a good way to start dancing the Salsa. Dancing Salsa is not only moving the body side to side, but it is also having fun with some

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894 words - 4 pages , because he use to be in a gang when he lived in cali. For the next week, she was so scared that she stayed in her room. When she was 15 or 16 it happened again with her supposed boyfriend, Justin who also lives in staples. He forced her three times to have sex with him. He was 18. She recalled that she said “no, over and over,” but he forced himself on her.She also said to me that she tried to tell Ashley Hanson, her supposed friend, about it


869 words - 4 pages he looked busy enough with his rock, they'd leave him alone. "Can you believe it dude, a few more weeks and we're out of this hellhole," the taller soldier mused. "I know man, can't wait to get back to the good ole' States," his accomplice replied, "I miss those Cali girls." "Mmhm, bet you'll be popular," the tall one snickered, "chicks dig this kind of shit." "." "Amen, bro. Amen." The two fell into silence for a moment, the only thing

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1010 words - 5 pages to safety above and beyond the basic safety requirements of Vehicle Safety Inspection programs. In that case, cue the Spanish music! La cucaracha! La cucaracha! Bring the Ford Fiesta out! The 2013-2014 Ford Fiesta is a top rated car all across the board and ranks as one of the year’s highest safety choices. Come back from Spain and head to Cali! The Chevy Malibu is widely desired for its premium materials and quiet ride. This cool car is an

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