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Imagine a summer without running through the sprinklers or soft green grass. California is usually known as the perfect destination to go and cool off in the summer. However, Californians are going to suffer through the summer without any of these water activities until further notice. California is currently experiencing its most severe drought emergency in decades. It is now heading into a long, hot summer of water shortages. With the land getting dryer, and slim chances of it getting wetter, Californians are doing the best they can to conserve and water and the environments.
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Ranchers and rural residents who rely on rainwater and wells are the most affected. Because most rural residents rely on wells in low-field rock formations for drinking water, it becomes a conflict with their usual at home living. People have to start buying water to be able to drink it at home. Drinking water comes from the mountain streams and clear rivers. Most of these streams are in danger due to the side effects of a drought.
Ecosystems are drastically changing as the droughts grow and grow. Looking at before and after pictures of lakes during a drought are so divergent. A year before, a lake could be as full as ever and then a couple months later the bottom could be almost visible. Same with a meadow or grassy hill. Seeing an orange dead field could have been a lush meadow just months later. It’s quite significant the impact a drought can have on nature.
When the meadows dry out its just another limited resources during a drought. Ranchers and farmers feel the pain when it comes to dry fields. Their cows and other livestock depend on the grass. Without any grass to graze the livestock cannot be fed. Farmers in California are being forced to sell their animals because they are not able to support them anymore. Their plants and crops are also receiving the negative effects. Without water to irrigate, produce growers fear they will have to leave some fields fallow. A farmer is spreading his concern about his farm that supplies organic milk to all of Sonoma county. He worries about what water he will give his cows because a usually 6 feet deep pond has turned into a spot of mud. Cows and farmers are only the few amount of beings that rely on 6 feet deep ponds.
More than one hundred ponds and counting have become extinct since the start of the California drought. With that decline, fish and other pond living creatures have gone with it. “Native fishes and the ecosystems that support them are incredibly vulnerable to drought,” Peter Moyle, a professor at the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences, said. “There are currently 37 species of fish on the endangered species list in California – and...

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