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California Promised Laand Of Opportunity Essay

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California, a state loved for its fabulous warm weather and vast doors of opportunities. The state captivates people by its beauty, but also the chance to a prosperous future. A quality of lifestyle CA promises, its vast landscapes, a place where big industries have grown, and Hollywood where the brightest stars shine. These are a few points that make California great. There are plenty who immigrate to this state, most seeking that long cherish dream. A dream fueled by desire in order to surpass current limitations and reach individual happiness. The state of California welcomes everyone with open arms, for those seeking California as their new home. James J. Rawls, a history professor at ...view middle of the document...

No one knew there were only 70 open positions available in LAFD (McIntyre 4). The paradox of growth is at hand, there were more than 6,500 candidates who submitted their applications. A course no one knew of the time frame, a mere sixty second window for applicants to submit their paperwork.
The high amount of aspiring firefighters can only be considered a wreck for downtown personnel office. In the 60 second window more than 6,500 applicants… passed (4).Nearly 3,000 test certificates were submitted on the first day. The stack of paperwork not only is outrageous but there is also the considerations of many of the applicants are quietly eliminated. There is an invisible hand at work; California growing population is making its inhabitants lose the ability to fulfill their dreams. It is not only the terrible hiring practices which make the growth paradox expand.
Alaina La Vella a 26 year old student, who attended UC Irvine, holds a firefighter and medical technician certifications; recently gave birth to a son and recuperating comments how, “she had no idea how critical it was to summit the test” (Finnegan 11). The current hiring process is a rather unprofessional take on LAFD. It turns a job application into a lottery, where first come first serve applies. It’s not only kicking most candidates out their chance to give back to California but also giving them a false hope, which rotates on how CA might not be as great as it is made sound. People might lose all credibility towards turning their dreams in realities. The majority have been of given a false glimmer of hope that one day their dreams will surpass the dream state barrier.
The paradox of growth has been around since the gold rush, back in the early days of the state. This is where it all begun many feeding this paradox. The simple thought of many...

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