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1. LA Department of Water and Power
The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (DWP) is the largest municipal utility in the United States. It is serving over four million residents. It was founded in 1902 to supply water and electricity to residents and businesses in Los Angeles and surrounding communities.
2. Missouri Plan
The Missouri Nonpartisan Court Plan or Missouri Plan for short is a method of selecting judges. It originated in Missouri in 1940 and several other states have adopted the same policy. According to the Missouri Plan, a non-partisan commission reviews candidates for a judicial vacancy and informs the governor a list of candidates considered best qualified. The governor has sixty days to select a candidate from the list. If not, the commission will make the selection. After one year of service by the judge and during the next general election. The people will vote of that judge to see if the judge will stay or be removed from office. If a majority votes against the judge staying in office, the judge is removed from office. If the majority votes in favor of the judge, then he or she will serve out a full term.
The Missouri plan is a significant policy in Missouri, other states, and also California. California, however, uses a modified version of the Missouri Plan in which the Governor can nominate any California attorney with enough experience. The nominee then undergoes an evaluation by the Commission on Judicial Nominees Evaluation (JNE) of the State Bar of California, which then forwards a nonbinding evaluation to the Governor.
For superior court positions, the Governor can make an appointment after receiving a report from Judicial Nominees Evaluation. For appellate court positions, the Governor submits the nomination to the Commission on Judicial Appointments (CJA), consisting of the Chief Justice, the Attorney General, and the presiding justice of the affected Court of Appeal district . The CJA holds a public meeting and receives the report from the JNE Commission, then decides whether to confirm the nominee. Once confirmed, the judge can take office but then must go through retention elections where the people will vote.
There are alternative ways of filling judicial posts which are used in other states. These include either partisan or non-partisan direct elections, election by the state legislature, or appointment by the governor with advice and consent of the state senate.
3. Prop 140 of 1990
In 1990, Proposition 140 was passed in California by votes of 52.17% to 47.83%. Proposition 140 established a limited number of terms that California State Legislature can serve. Legislators could serve a three terms of two year in the Assembly and the Senate can serve two terms of four years each. After a legislator is done with his term and have reached the limit, that legislator can no longer hold office in that chamber.
Prop 140 has had many unintended implications on California. Prop 140 did not...

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