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Refutation Paper It is a known fact that California has one of the lowest test scores in the nation. According to the National Education Association, California also has the highest ratio of students per teacher and the lowest spending per pupil ratio on its students. These are benefactors that tell us why California students are not performing well. We need to worry about students learning the basic skills of reading, writing, and computing math, which are all essential skills for survival in this world. When our students master these subjects, other subjects will be taken into consideration. Arts education in the state of California is not a priority at this time.Our schools and children are currently failing because of the lack of funds and lack of educators. Funds are needed to renovate the schools, build school, buy books and supplies, and hire better trained teachers. Currently we have a teacher shortage in California. Ten percent of California teachers are on emergency credentials as a result of a program designed to lower the student to teacher ratio in schools. Parents cheered the plan, and other states have rushed to imitate it, but with $1 billion dollars invested, California still has the highest student to teacher ratio in the nation. Many of these teachers are under trained or not even trained to teach the subjects they are teaching. We need to recruit trained teachers to teach the children the basics of reading, writing, math, science, and history, before hiring teachers to teach our children to arts. Painting, dancing, and singing are extra curricular activities. If a child is greatly interested in these subjects there are many arts schools available at a cost.The proposed policy of proposition of making arts education mandatory in grades K-12 in California has much opposition to overcome. One of the propositions is that students should be competent in at least one art form by the time they graduate high school. The schools that have arts available at there campus already have that as a graduation requirement. Most California schools have arts available at their campus and are a requirement. Each child in California is...

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846 words - 4 pages 1981, Mischel started to track down as many of the children from the experiment as he could and continued to follow them years afterwards (Tough 62). What he found was that the children who had been able to control themselves and wait to get their marshmallows were on average 210 points higher on their SAT scores (Tough 62). The M&M test can be seen as an example of motivation in learning success because the students had a reward in the end


617 words - 2 pages grades smile and laugh with contentment. But the rest of us are left moaning with frustration. Yes, this is a typical student's life! We can't deny the fact that students do care about their grades. The reason is that nowadays, our educational system is leaning more toward testocracy than meritocracy. But do grades and test scores reflect one's ability and success? Yes! Standardized tests are the effective mean of measuring how well a student knows

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