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Question Presented: Under Californian workers’ compensation law can a worker receive workers’ compensation and when the injury was self-inflicted, and when their participation in the activity was voluntary, and when the activity took place after the work day and when the worker did not want to say no to their supervisor and when they were anxious to get on their boss’s good side and while during the activity business was discussed and when the company built the court for a director of sales, and when the director believed that inviting employees to play was a great way to get to know their employees, to increase morale and camaraderie at the company but when at the activity the employee’s injury was self-inflicted, and when their participation of in the activity was voluntary, and when the activity took place after the work day.
Short Answer: Lance Baldwin (Baldwin) will be able to prove that he subjectively believe that the paddleball match was required for his job and he will also be able to prove that it is objectively reasonable that the paddleball match was part of his employment at Success Solutions, Inc. (SSI). The reason being that it is objectively reasonable is because he court was on company ground and was constructed for the Director of Sales and Marketing, Carla Frasch (Frasch). Frasch would often use the paddleball court and matches to get to know SSI’s employees, and to increase morale and camaraderie at the company, promote fitness and casually talk about the business. It is objectively reasonable that Baldwin would participate in the matches to be on Frasch’s “good side,” and that he would have the “in” with Frasch. With it, being so early in career with SSI Baldwin would not want to upset his boss by refusing to play.
Facts: Success Solutions, Inc. (SSI) is a company in New Town, California that manufactures and markets high-end fitness equipment to health clubs, spas, hotels and resorts. About five years ago, hired Carla Frasch (Frasch) as the new Director of Marketing and Sales. Carla Frasch was a former professional racquetball player, and SSI believed that Frasch’s status, as a professional athlete would impress clients and useful in generating business.
On the first day of her employment, Frasch was presented with the key to her paddleball court that SSI had built in their parking lot for her. Frasch used the court often. Most of the time, she played with other employees, both senior and junior to her. Using her own money, she purchased extra paddleball equipment, which she shared with the players who did not have their own equipment. All of the paddleball sessions took place after working hours, either in the evening or on the weekends. Frasch felt that having employee to play with her was a great way for her to get to know SSI’s employees, and to increase morale and camaraderie at the company. She also felt that the games helped promote fitness.
Often times, when playing paddleball with an SSI employee, talk turned to...

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