Call Of Suty: Modern Warfare Overblown

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As an avid video game enthusiast it’s always fascinating to witness the gaming world evolve and grow as modern technology seems to continually outpace expectations of what can be reproduced in a virtual medium. Gone are the days when a fraction of the entertainment world included lazily playing pong or pack-man on a cumbersome arcade console. Today, with the technological boom, the video game industry has evolved to include a plethora of gaming genres, bent on maximizing entertainment and profit. However, despite such exponential growth, this particular form of entertainment has remained in the shadow of traditional forms of amusement, such as television broadcasting or the movie industry. Yet, with the release of the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the once targeted hobby of many was thrust into the national spot-light; garnering new-found attention that temporarily consumed the news media.
This attention wasn’t focused on the growth of the video gaming industry or the numerous attributes that explain the industries rise in popularity, but on a controversial level within the game called “No Russian”. The level, in which the player is tasked to remain covert in a Russian terrorist cell as they massacre an airport, has been hailed as inappropriate and violent (Stirling). This subsequently led to the game’s makers having to face numerous recall allegations and having to modify the game with a warning. Despite the numerous criticisms that materialized, the controversy surrounding the level is, frankly, overblown. The integral part of the game exposes players to the thought provoking reality of modern society. Additionally, it advances the conception that the video gaming industry is devoid of meaningful substance by introducing an outlet in which players can contemplate how they feel about how certain actions influence their emotions. On a more practical point, the level shouldn’t be censored or deleted because it’s actually unrealistic. This coupled with the fact the nature of the game necessarily entails violence helps to provide an argument for the fact the controversy surrounding the level is unwarranted.
Perhaps most importantly, the level ‘No Russian’ introduces players to a take on the reality of the post 9/11 world. Video games have been known to create fantasy situations that remove the player from reality. The Call of Duty Series, on the other hand, portrays situations that can occur in the real world, such as terrorist activities. Granted, elements of fantasy still exist even within the Call of Duty series, such as fighting “the Russians in the suburbs of Washington, through familiar-looking subdivisions and strip malls before storming the White House itself” (Schiesel). Yet, particularly, the ‘No Russian’ level plays upon the emotions of the gamer and provokes them to consider what’s really happening. The connection between airports and potential terrorism in nothing new: “Part of the main terminal at Washington Dulles...

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