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Call Of The Entrepreneur Essay

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In the documentary “Call of the Entrepreneur,” three successful entrepreneurs, Brad Morgan, Frank Hanna, and Jimmy Lai, are presented to explain their views on entrepreneurship and in turn leadership. Brad Morgan is the owner of a million dollar dairy and compost company, Frank Hanna is a merchant banker in New York City, and Jimmy Lai is the founder of Giordano department stores and Next Media. A central theme of the documentary is how each of these businessmen displays the characteristics of persistence, patience, and perseverance to overcome frustrating obstacles and become successful. The film defines entrepreneurship and explains how the entrepreneur responds positively to consumer demands and is able to organize and direct others toward a goal only the entrepreneur can see. The film shows that though some entrepreneurs are driven by greed and some are not, the ones that are successful are answering the needs of consumers.
The Call of the Entrepreneur: Answering the Call
If you had asked Brad Morgan years ago if he ever thought he would become a compost farmer, he might have laughed at you. Today, however, this is his reality, and he is quite serious about it because compost was the answer to most of Morgan’s problems. On the verge of bankruptcy, Brad was forced to find a solution to a price collapse in the dairy market. Having already been advised to leave the dairy business due to financial failure and overcoming that situation with higher milk production and quality, Morgan was now searching for a quick solution or face leaving the business altogether. Though his future seemed bleak, it was Morgan’s persistence and patience that paid off. Through his knowledge of his business, Morgan began looking for an unexploited resource and saw it in cow manure. He was able to capitalize on turning this manure into valuable compost and speeding the process up by 660 days. Though many thought he was crazy for venturing into this business under financial straits, Morgan was able to see what others could not, and he worked hard turning his business around. Admittedly, part of Morgan’s success relies on the fact that he is willing to work as hard as his employees. In Major General Perry M. Smith, PhD’s book Rules and Tools for Leaders, Smith recognizes the fact that effective leaders must work alongside their workers. “Leaders must be willing to teach skills, to share insights and experiences, and to work very closely with people to help them mature and be creative” (Smith, 2013, Pg. 2). Morgan states in the film, “Out of necessity, you put your butt in the corner; you’d be surprised what can be achieved” (Sirico, 2007). Morgan experimented with his compost until he reached the right consistency for maximum profitability. With the same persistence as the Wright brothers getting the first plane into flight, Morgan’s innovation has proven successful through his unique leadership quality of being persistent in the market...

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