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Called To Fulfill The Great Commission

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The skipper flipped to the last page of the article, ran his eyes over a few sentences then tossed the article on top of a tall pile of maps and other table debris.
Caveat observed his two escape artists, as they were struck with a sudden urge to busy themselves about the cabin to appear attentive to the forsaken microbe problem. Meanwhile, he did some self-reflecting and grew a bit apprehensive about all the lengthy monologues he had been giving.
The thoughts kept whirling around in his head, “Am I being too preachy? Am I over doing it?” Still, a constant pressing in on his heart to not hold back, made it abundantly clear, time will not wait for him or anyone to answer God’s call to fulfill the Great Commission.
Now the clock ticked on several fronts: The gradual loss of religious freedom, whisked in a one-world church coupled with global governmental rule already firmly established as wars broke out all over the world. Although these and others were biblically implied events, the looming killer microbe (from the heavens) readied itself for pandemonium. Could it be that they were about to experience a ‘pestilence’ in biblical proportions? Not enough time remained to worry about being cool in the delivery of such an urgent message.
There’s no telling if either of his associates will ever get the chance to do more than simply glance at the article he had given them, much less study it. With all the trials they were facing, they could perish and miss this precious opportunity. Caveat put his faith in the fundamental belief that now is always the best time to discuss matters of Salvation with people.
For a few brief and peaceful moments all that could be heard was the ill water gently tapping against the sides of the small fishing sloop on the red glazed sea.
Just as he was about to continue, Stapleton’s scurry turned into a steady pace around the small quarters. She then headed over to the stairway looking upset. He walked toward her. Stapleton kept her back to him. He maintained his distance. Her eyes filled with tears as she cried out in frustration.
“Reality is setting in folks. Life just doesn’t make sense!” She swung around to face him. “Caveat, you saw it with your very own eyes—right there with me. Didn’t we witness the most phenomenal thing last night? And yet, our hands are tied. We could take the world by storm with this discovery, yet, yet, we can’t get this simple little microbe under control!
Why are things so contrary? One minute, the world is at our feet, the next minute the weight of the world is on our shoulders! You know guys, if we don’t come up with something concrete fairly soon, it could mean disastrous consequences for our careers maybe even our lives. If the microbe doesn’t get us first I may simply die from embarrassment and the heavy burden of failure on my conscience! And yes, Caveat, atheists listen to their consciences.”
“Oh, never mind! Care to join in on this heavy...

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