"Callgate" / "Kerala Solar Scam": Part 4 Some Politicians Were Linked To The Scammers

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Many victims of the Solar scam did not dare to lodge complaints against the duo because most of them were laundering black money and they were aware that those in

power protected the couple.

Though their business flourished, Saritha Nair's relationship with Biju Radhkarishnansoured. Both suspected each other of having other affairs. In 2012, they decided

to end their relation and part ways.

In early June 2013, one of the investors K.M. Sajjad, an industrialist from Kollam, who had paid an advance of र40 lakh for setting up a solar and windmill farm filed a

case against Team Solar.

On June 5, 2013, Perumbavoor police arrested Sarita Nair for cheating. They tracked her to a house at Edappazhanji, Thiruvananthapuram.

Biju Radhakishnan was arrested in Coimbatore on June 17, 2013, for the murder of his wife Reshmi on February 4, 2006. Reshmi’s elder son was an eye witness to

this act. Case has been registered against Biju for Murder, Harassment of women, Destroying of evidence and man handling of his elder son. It is indeed a mystery how

Biju contrived to escape from the police for more than seven years. The case sheet shows that Biju gave his wife Reshmi liquor and murdered her after dragging her

into the toilet. Biju’s mother Rajammal was arrested and charged for Harassment of women and helping her son to destroy evidence. She was let out on bail

On this same day, June 17, 2013, the Deccan Chronicle reported that Yogi Nirmalanandagiri of Charamoodu in Alappuzha, made allegations against Sarita Nair and

Biju Radhakishnan saying that they had extorted about र25 lakh from several people offering a gamut of promises.

In 2007, Biju had introduced himself to the yogi as a consultant and had told him that they could have obtained government welfare funds for the ashram if it had been

registered as a trust. Biju had added that he would need र1.5 lakh to meet ministers in the capital for the release of funds to the ashram.

Next, the duo set up a centre named ‘Saffron Consultants and Event Management' and distributed leaflets detailing their services.

On February 15, the ashram was registered as a trust.

Then the couple took the yogi to Thiruvananthapuram to invite Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, then the Home minister, to attend the inaugural function of the trust. But they did

not succeed in meeting the minister.

Biju stayed a day at the ashram and later he and Saritha checked into a hotel at Kayamkulam. Biju conducted All India Trade Fairs in various places between

Kayamkulam and Adoor. He would invariably disappear from the venue before the fair concluded. He wouldn't even pay the hotel bill.

The yogi then registered a complaint with the Kayamkulam and Chengannur DySPs. But, the police just ignored his plaint and did not investigate. Meanwhile, both the

DySPs said there had been no complaints against Biju in 2007. “We would have taken up the case had there been any complaints in this regard”, they said. Who is



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