Calling Apple, Inc. To Take Action On Human Trafficking

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Human trafficking is an extremely important issue that we can’t ignore, even we are in a peaceful and legal society. As a matter of fact, there are a large number of institutions, like governments, special interest group, NGOs, social work teams, devoting themselves to call for human rights equality, combat human trafficking, and rescue those people who have been enslaved. However, as business community, only a small group of firms engage in this issue, and fulfill their social responsibilities. Being the one of the most valuable companies in the world, Apple, Inc should also pay attention to human trafficking problem, participate and put its efforts into addressing human trafficking; thus to become a leading role of highly social responsibility in business community. (Schemenauer, E. C. 2011)
Background information
About human trafficking
Human trafficking is the modern form of slavery, which means the people are been controlled and traded by illegal individual trafficker and criminal group. The phenomenon of human trafficking may happen on whoever the person is, wherever the place is, and anytime in the world. Those people who have been enslaved may work as tools in a serious wicked condition to make money for traffickers. What is worse, some children work as forced labor or beggers; while some young women may be forced by domestic servitude, prostitution and marriages. They even don’t get a basic protection of human rights(Union,Nations, 2012).
The human trafficking situation of The United States
Although having a completed legal system, the United States have to deal with human trafficking problem, especially on illegal labor with large immigrant populations and sex trade issues. According to Department of Justice 2011 report, 82% of suspected incidents were classified as sec trafficking, and 10% is forced labor. This situation may not stop if we don’t pay attention and take action. (Wikipedia. 2013).
Apple’s background and labor abuse issue
Apple, Inc is an outstanding technology company, which was founded in 1977 and located in California. Apple is famous for its high quality products—such as iPhone, iPad, Mac, and its innovative culture. However, Apple’s innovation ability is not only taken in products, but also in job creation. Until 2013, Apple has created 50,250 jobs at Apple and 257,000 jobs at other companies which supply manufacture service, technical service or sales service. (Apple, Inc. 2013)
Nevertheless, under these glory and achievement, the labor rights group in New York which named China Labor Watch(CLW) published a report, and claimed that the workers of Apple manufacture factory were being working under illegal and abusive conditions in Chinese factory.(China Labor Watch. 2013)This caused a considerable impact on Apple brand image and firm reputation.
Therefore, concerning to above situation, Apple mainly has three further and stronger reasons to take action on helping solve with human trafficking without doubt:

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