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Calm To Crazy To Happy Essay

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Calm To Crazy To Happy Today's society is composed of many types of music. However, classifying music can be a very tedious task. To begin one would have to look at rap, jazz, new age, classical, pop, techno, rock, punk and R&B. These types of music fall under the following classifications: tranquil, extreme and joyful. Tranquil music is made up of new age, classical and jazz. New age music is usually slow singing with calm synthesized instruments playing in the background that gives a calming effect to the listener. For example, Enya, a popular new age singer sang the song Only Time, Orinoco Flow and many more which give a pleasant sensation when one is listening to them. Such music is very easy to listen and the words are easily comprehendible. Another type of tranquil music would be classic, which is usually made up of many instruments such as violins, drums and basses, which can give one a feeling of serenity. For instance, Beethoven a famous classical composer and writer of music in one of his pieces called Symphony Number 5 does not use terraced dynamics which are sudden soft notes to high notes, therefore gives an unruffled sensation to the ears. This shows that classical music is easy to listen to and can put one in a pleasant mood. Jazz, is also a very a placid type of music to listen to. Miles Davis, a jazz musician shows that harmonicas, saxophones and trumpets can give pleasant music. This means that jazz is pleasing to the ears because loud sounds or melodies are not used. However not all types of music are calming or easy to listen to and are quite raucous. Extreme music is another classification that comprises rap, punk, rock and are usually unpleasant and if not unpleasant then loud. Rap is usually the uttering of curse words that rhyme with the beats in the background to move the uttering along. For example 2Pac Shakure a notorious rapper states in one of his songs "[Screw] you and your momma", clearly, this shows that rap can be degrading to many people. This is extreme because such language is harsh and therefore effectuates the music to be unpleasant. Punk is another type of music that falls under the extreme classification and contains instruments that sound pleasant such as guitars but are abused to sound loud and eccentric while the artist screams words that express hate. For example when a punk artist or band plays the beats for a particular song they would play...

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