Caluclating Major And Minor Head Losses

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The project was about calculating the major and minor head losses. In the first experiment, it investigate the minor head loss through pipes of different diameter and roughness, also through elbows. The experiment was about obtaining two different pressures at point 1 and 2 so we can obtain the difference in pressure so we can calculate the friction that is also present in Darcie's equation of head loss. However, in the second experiment, the purpose was to calculate the major losses from both laminar and turbulent flow. The point was to find the friction factor that is also present in Darcie's equation. Moreover, these experiments determines several other factors like the Reynolds number which is also essential in Darcie’s equation. The friction factor was also determined using two other equations taking into consideration whether the flow is laminar or turbulent according to the calculated Reynolds number. In addition the results were summarized in a table and two graphs that show the delta H verses Re and f verses Re. The importance of this project is to obtain the results of the friction factors and to compare between the 2 consequences and see the difference and the error.
Thus in this report we will introduce the procedure of the 2 experiments and how it was done to obtain the outcome. After reading the two pressures, calculations must be done to reach our goal from calculating the velocity, the Reynolds number to reach the friction factors, assumptions may be taken to facilitate our calculation. Finally, after reaching our goals discussion and conclusion will be taken into consideration to clarify the results.

Experiment 1:
The test performed on the head loss investigation was accomplished by connecting the power cable of the control panel to a power output, then open fully the bypass valve to start the pump. After that, we run the experiment on different pipes with different diameters and elbows to move to a different valve types. The experiment began by adjusting the flow rate so we can read the pressure difference across each section by selecting the corresponding probes. For the pipe, we get the pressure difference ∆P, then we calculate ∆H= ∆P/γ ( where ∆H is the head loss) . Likewise, the Reynolds number would be Re= VD/υ ( where V is the flow velocity, D the pipe diameter and υ the kinematic viscosity (m2/s)). Finally, friction factor could be calculated from the Re number. Calculation will be shown in tables 1.1 through 1.3 ( Appendix A). This experiment will be repeated but this time through different elbows...

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