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Cam Modalities Essay

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CAM Modalities
Conventional treating of patients is not always the best treatment; there are routes a provider can explore to assist in the overall health and wellbeing of the patient. Complementary and alternative therapy (CAM) is the other route for the patient. Each of these modalities can produce a healing effect or relief from an ailment that will have an effect in a positive manner on the quality of life. Too many times patients become settled or complacent in his or her disease process and never look into the other routes.

Non-main stream therapy is in three categories and five domains by definition. The categories are complementary, alternative, and integrative medicine and ...view middle of the document...

1). Mind-body refers to the use of prayer, mediation, art therapy, hypnosis, and other mind calming techniques. The last domain is the alternative therapies, homeopathic and naturopathic medicine; this is treating with herbs, plants, extracts, and minerals to stimulate the natural body defense mechanism to treat illness. These therapies are for a patient centered relief and cure.

The socioeconomic and cultural society awareness of healing properties outside mainstream medicine has been the driving force in the shift towards CAM. One factor is the issue of chronic pain, most doctors will simply hand the patient a prescription for a pain medication, pat him or her on the head, and schedule the patient for another visit in one month for a refill. It is possible that the person prefers to be pain free without harmful and sedating chemical in his or her body and lead a full life, instead of being in stupor (Yoon, 2013). Another factor is many of society members suffer from some sort of psychosomatic condition and with alternative therapies instead of pharmaceuticals; he or she can lead a stable life style. The final factor for is a stress relief, with heart disease on the rise, many patients may find it hard to relax especially with the changes to insurance and economic downturn. CAM and provide a way to reduce the stress and still lead a successful life. A negative aspect of CAM is most therapies is not covered under any current insurance plan and can be costly, even if the potential benefits are higher than mainstream medicine, a second negative mark against CAM is potential health risks since many of the herbs, roots, and other remedies are not regulated closely under the federal government. A...

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