Cambrige Style Watch Brand Essay

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Course: intro to marketing
Instructor: Ms. Latifa Attieh

Cambridge style
Project marketing module

Prepared by: Ali wehbe
Rayan nsouli

Spring semester, 2014 

executive summary 3
company background : 4
vision: 4
mission: 4
future strategy: 4
target markerting: 5
market competation: 6
Strength: 7
Weakness: 7
Opportunities: 7
Threats: 7
Marketing strategy: 9
1. Product strategy: 9
Advertising: 11
Online media: 12
Facebook: 12

Executive summary

Cambridge style is ...view middle of the document...


Our mission to provide quality of the highest standards, modern style and prompt responses to our value customer, at perfect price. The company will build its image as a quality watch first and then will begin selling higher profit, luxury watches.


Introduce a new product, innovate colorful watches, using perfect price to be competitor on the market, and improve the marketing by advertising, and expanded distribution in order to increase our revenue


Current market:
The current target market for Cambridge wealth consumer that are looking for high quality and exclusivity. The product is made for people who want to show their wealth. Cambridge is an international brand of Swiss watches.

Market segment:
21to 40 year are our customers living in Lebanon and china who having high salary .they have bought their expensive suits and cloths in their jobs, but they want to complete their look with the sophistication of Cambridge style watches .this target market always need new style of watches to made them satisfy and it’s hard to made each month new design. Also this group is active in internet and is influenced by advertising on Facebook
Secondary market segment:
This group which are above 40 year old which need high quality and they are interest in in classic style watch which I mean the wealth and business people, Tourists.

Study about the target market
Age Gender
Female Percent of buys the watch
Male female Style of watch

Male female
21-25 15% 30% sport colorful
25-30 19% 25% Colorful or sport
30-40 30% 25%
40< 36% 20% sport


Nowadays, they are many people which working in buying watches, but our property of this watch nobody can compete us in this style. Our style and high quality made us in the cycle of the strong competitors which like Rolex, Omega, and Swatch.

Our targeted consumer variety and new experience .Our marketing challenge is thus to stand out from our competitors, not only a watches but also selling female purse. Maintaining our edge will depend partly on marketing ourselves as an adult.

Every business has direct and indirect competitors which effect on his revenue and selling

Direct competitors:
direct competitors effect our business in different ways ,they imitate our quality in low price and they target our field of customer ,and he distribute it in the market ,the need of customer high quality and low price so our revenue will decrease and our customer will also decrease because they get the same quality but in low price.

Indirect competitors:
Rolex Omega and swatch, Casio, these brands are indirect competitors which aren’t selling the same brand but they offer different alternatives which to satisfy the need of consumer.


 Nobody can buy the Cambridge style unless he buys it from us.
 Innovative production methods provides the potential for new designs
 High...

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