Camera Lenses Essay

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Camera Lenses
There are hundreds upon hundreds of photographic lenses that are manufactured by different companies all around the world. There are three main classifications of photographic lenses: the telephoto lens, the normal lens, and wide-angle lens. Tele means distant or transmission over a distance so therefore a telephoto lens is made to look at distant objects. Wide-angle lens have a larger than normal viewing angle than other lenses. Lastly, normal lenses have a viewing angle that is very close to a normal human’s viewing angle.
The telephoto lens is a specific type of long-focusing lens. These types of lens are composed of many groups of glass elements that allow the physical ...view middle of the document...

With these types of lenses the area that a photographer has to work with is at a fixed interval making these types of lenses better suited for distances from eight to twenty feet. The most common focal length for normal lenses is around fifty millimeters. Normal lenses are one of the most common lenses in the lens market. With the wide verity of different fifty millimeter lenses, this makes many of them cheap and a great starter lens for beginners. Some of the most popular fifty millimeter lenses would be: The Canon fifty millimeter lens, The Nikon fifty millimeter lens, and the Zeiss Otus fifty-five millimeter lens.
A wide-angle lens is composed of glass elements that are arrange so the length of the lens is greater than the actual focal length. Wide-angle lenses allow more of the scene to be included in the photograph, making it very useful for interior photography. With the wide area of view there is some perspective distortion making the outer most of the picture seem ballooned out. The wide-angle lens has...

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