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Camera Techniques Used In Hitchcock’s Thriller Movie, Vertigo

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Camera Techniques Used in Hitchcock’s Thriller Movie, Vertigo

A thriller is a type of film that usually instills excitement and suspense into the audience. A thriller is commonly described as a tense edge of the seat environment. The movie, Vertigo, is one of the most famous thrillers ever made. However, Vertigo does not fit into the stereotypical genre of thriller. Vertigo, often viewed as an experimental film because it was one of the first major thrillers of that time that used many different and innovative camera techniques. These techniques used in this film are different types of lighting, montage, intense music, etc. Vertigo is known to be one of Hitchcock’s best movies because of his unique sense of style and his famous “Hitchcock signature” The movie Vertigo is about a detective who is hired to follow his friend’s wife Madeline. In actuality, however, he is being tricked to participate in a murder. Throughout the movie the detective, Scottie, ends up falling for Madeline while she is stringing him along her hidden agenda. Even though at the forefront of the movie Madeline seems like the victim, actually Scottie was really the prey in the plot of Madeline. Vertigo is the state of dizziness felt after one’s fear of height. When Scottie falls into his state of Vertigo, the camera seems to go berserk with different angles and colors. Specifically near the end of the movie when Scottie falls in his dream, his Vertigo seems to kick in on overdrive. The implementation of the creeping music, the flashes of...

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