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''A poet is, before anything else, a person who is passionately in love with language.''
Auden and great poet for, the 20th century. Auden was leading literary influence in the 20th century. Auden was known for his great ability to write poems in almost every verse. Auden's travels in countries torn by political strife encourage his early work. In 1948 Auden won the Pulitzer Prize. Auden's literary genius was greatly expressed throughout his early life, flourishing career, and his noble poetry.
Auden early life as a poet, playwright, and author began at the age of fifteenth. Auden was born Wystan Hugh Auden to Constance Rosalie Auden and George Augustus Auden. Auden was born in a town call ...view middle of the document...

Wystan wrote his acclaim anthology, Spain, based on his firsthand accounts of countries with civil war from 1936 to 1939. He stated in the complete works of W.H. Auden was Prose: volume II. After moving to America, Auden’s works shifted away from political influences to more religious themes. In 1948 Politzer Prize said, Auden win was a win of the ages. Another Time, a collection that debuted in America, features most of Auden's poems, including September 1, 1939. In 1936 he spent three months in Iceland, where he gather material for a travel book name Letters from Iceland 1937.
In 1939 Auden and Isherwood sailed to New York City in January. They departure from England was seen as betrayal of Auden’s and his actions. In April 1940 Isherwood moved to California and started to lose touch with Auden. Later Auden met another poet called Chester Kallman in 1942.Within the next two years Kallman became Auden next lover. Around 1941 they called it quits with each other and went there separated ways. Auden was once married to a women name Erika Mann. When he was leaving England to come to America he sent her back with a transport to England. Later Kallman and Auden remain companions for the rest of Auden life, sharing apartments and houses together up until Auden's death.
( Auden)

The More Loving One is one of Auden's poem. In this poem Auden is talking about different between the stars and earth. He also says that a man and a breast that a passion for others. Auden develops a metaphor of the stars as people. He also talks about religious faith that he struggled with throughout his whole life. This poem to touch me because he is talking the person he love or the people he loves. Also this poem makes me think about the people I love and how much I care for them. He is showing how intense his love for this person is deep and he...

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