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Camp Nurses: Safeguarding The Health Of The Camp Community

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Although the notion of being a camp nurse may summon up ideas of tranquil settings and a few weeks away from a "real" career, the truth is that the multidimensional role of the camp nurse is an exhilarating and thought-provoking to even the most knowledgeable nurse. The nurse must be equipped to deliver routine and emergency care to youngsters and the staff, screen children with chronic illnesses, train campers and staff on precautionary health matters, and work as a team with camp managers to implement rules that decrease the threat of harm or sickness. The camp nurse must have flexibility, critical thinking and problem solving expertise, as well as with a bit of humor and creativeness. The camp nurse must endorse and safeguard the health of the whole camp community. Children and staff at camps accredited by the American Camp Association are required to submit a current health history and physical exam.
As a matter of fact, The Association of Camp Nurses, founded in the 1980’s and is a specialized nursing association who ensure coming together to piece awareness as well as skill to guarantee the excellence of camp programs. The mission of ACN is “to develop and provide leadership that advances camp nursing practice for a healthier camping community” (Chrissy Feele, 2014).
Furthermore, The Association of Camp Nurses arose as a newssheet created by Jeanne Otto, “a New England camp nurse who documented the necessity for camp nurses to group together. The early stages in expending a posting list and newssheet started an additional official ritual. Otto's literatures, booklets and meetings offer an opening into the formation of the association and the skills of camp nurses then and now.”( Baird, 2012, Pg19)
Not only this, the ACN is a nonprofit association. The group is volunteer-driven by nurses who are dedicated to emerging camp nursing practices and active to deliver dynamic camp societies. The home headquarters is in Bemidji, Minnesota. A panel of affiliates denote an assortment of camp nursing practices. ACN-Accredited camps entertain up to 300 values for health, safety, and program quality by improving camp communities and assist with the training of camp nurses. “As an important consultant in youth development, ACN works to preserve, promote, and improve the camp experience. Our association is committed to helping our members and all camps to provide: Camp communities committed to a safe, nurturing environment, caring, competent adult role models, healthy, developmentally appropriate experience, service to the community and the natural world, opportunities for leadership and personal growth, discovery, experiential education, and learning opportunities and excellence and continuous self-improvement.”(Bakefield,, 2014)
In addition, “The ACN’s Scope and Standards of Camp Nursing Practice is based on the experiences of many camp nurses in a host of camp settings.” (Feele, ACN, 2002)That is to say, nurses...

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