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Armed with my camera, tape measure, and clipboard I decided to leave my lab coat, white gloves, and magnifying glass in the car. All kidding aside I traveled to Linns Valley School in Glennville, CA., which is about 20 minutes from my camp. Linns Valley School is a very rural K-9 school.
The school features two fantastically large play structures. One is themed like a giant tree, and the other has features that resemble a wooden fort. Included on both structures is a decal stating that these structures are intended for children ages 5 to 12 – appropriate for a K-9 school. Each of the play elements included on each play structure are also listed in the Public Playground Safety ...view middle of the document...

I see some room for improvement. The definitive report on playground safety appears to be a Special Study: Injuries and deaths associated with children’s playground equipment by Deborah K. Tinsworth and Joyce E. McDonald. This article found that about 205,850 accidents happened on U.S. playgrounds in 1999. Of these accidents 45% took place at schools, and 79% of all playground accidents involved falls (Tinsworth & McDonald, 2001, p. ii, iii). Provided with these statistics is seems imperative to correct the observed lacking thickness of the base material. Tinsworth and McDonald draw a firm conclusion that protective surfacing significantly reduces the number of head and organ injuries when compared to non-protective surfacing (2001, p. 16).
Controversy over the value of ‘safe’ playground stems in part from a ten-year study by Tinsworth and McDonald’s reveals over time only little change in terms of equipment related injuries has taken place. In fact, this study shows that injuries from by climbers increased from 32% to 53% (Tinsworth & McDonald, 2001. p. 23).
I tend to think that Alice G. Walton hits the nail square on the head when she writes that the leading cause in falls and injuries on the playground are because “the new, safer equipment often becomes boring because children [master] it so quickly. To make it more challenging, kids tend] to improvise,” (2012, p. 2). We’ve all seen it before: the kid who climbs up the slide, the kid who climbs over the guard rail, the kid who gets on top of the monkey bars, etc. Kids are adventurous and seek thrills. Playgrounds don’t have to be ‘boring’ as research study by Sarah Wakes and Amanda Beukes highlights. By studying the...

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