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Our community
(Local monthly glossy magazine):
This magazine targets 31% of the local population making it an ideal media outlet for a local event like the Fitness-Challenge kick off. Since the Fitness Challenge focuses on eliminating childhood obesity, parents will be the main target audience. According to the U.S. census bureau 32% of American families with a child under the age of 12 have a stay at home mother. Only 3% of American families with an elementary age child have a stay at home dad. Taking these statistics into account our campaign will cater towards behaviors and needs of the “stay at home mom”. Out of the local population that reads “Our community”, 70 percent are women ages 31-60 years old. This age range and gender covers our target audience therefore making advertisements through this media outlet very effective. A half page ad would cost the campaign 4,000 dollars, a small price for so much exposure. Since the magazine only prints every month, readers tend to flip through the pages multiple times, maximizing frequency.

(NBC affiliate)
With 40 percent of the local population as regular viewers, advertisements on this program will significantly increase awareness of the Fitness Challenge. Women ages 35-55 represent an astounding 72 percent of viewers. Awareness of the challenge requires introduction of the event concept and benefits. Running at least 30 non-primetime ads two months before the Challenge will familiarize the target audience with the event without bombarding them with information. Thirty prime-time ads will run the month before the event to maximize advertising exposure of the Fitness Challenge Kick off.
Cost: Non-primetime-$3750\
Prime-time- $9000

(urban radio)
This urban radio station attracts 27 percent of the local community. The typical listener tends to be a woman within the 18-38 age range. This description fits our target market who will most likely listen to the radio during the am daypart or midday. Women with children tend to listen to the am daypart time segment while getting their kids ready for school or daycare. Later on in the day during the midday segment, stay at home moms tune into the...

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