Campaign Analsys Essay

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Troy University athletics wanted a new catchy and yet simple ad campaign to bolster name and brand recognition for all things trojan sports. Athletics Director John Hartwell sought out the assistance of an advertising agency called the Phoenix Design Group out of New York. They came up with the concept and slogan for “It’s T Time”. In the graphical logo the “T” located between the words “it’s” and “time” was represented with the athletic’s T-shaped sword logo.
In speaking to Hartwell about the logo he said he wanted the T to be an instantaneous and recognizable logo much in the way the “U” represents the University of Miami in all of it’s athletics logos and sporting recognition. It would be something that is instantly recognizable.
The message is supposed to be simple and powerful. It’s a simple slogan of “It’s T Time” The “T” is supposed to represent more than just Troy or Trojan. It’s supposed to represent the embodiment, dedication, loyalty, and a force that is the Trojan Nation. It is meant to be the same message every time it’s used. It’s targeted for all audiences of all ages. Hartwell said, “From eight to ten year olds all the way up to the sixty to ninety year old trojan fans. It’s all inclusive for all ages.”
To make the distribution of campaign easier, every aspect of it has had to be in a visual form to instill the concept of the logo as more than just a shape or an image but as a meaning and an icon for the university’s athletics department. It can visibly be seen in many places. One example is a printed flyer that includes the football team’s play schedule. The slogan is prominently featured in the upper third of the poster. To help tie the image to Troy athletics it’s been featured heavily with the university’s major sporting posters such as football, basketball. and soon to include baseball, softball, and soccer.
This has been heavily distributed through social media and roadside billboard ads. Social media has incorporated the slogan into the hashtag of “#ItsTTime” A quick search for that hashtag has yielded many appropriate results. It has heavily been used by the athletics media relations and it has also been picked up and used by the fans. The campaign has also been incorporated into online advertising with news services such as According to Hartwell at present there are no television or radio commercial advertisements that promote the “It’s T Time” campaign. The Athletics department has used the university’s television station called TrojanVision to help promote the campaign.
With the combined efforts of the athletics department and TrojanVision a show was created to make use of the campaign. The show is called “It’s T Time”. This is a half hour long show that is hosted by the same person who also hosts the stations other sports show “Trojan Sports Now”. The focus of the “It’s T Time” show is for the host to sit down the athletic director and discus what going on in and around Trojan athletics. The other...